Lamps for a kitchen that is far from built

The lamp with which I have fallen in love for the Manse kitchen. Only not in green.

Raymond and I spent a very pleasant day today in the small city – more like a big town, actually – of Ellsworth, Maine. It’s a place we’ve visited quite a few times before, and our favourite stops there (which I would recommend to anyone visiting that neck of the woods) include the wonderful kitchen store Rooster Brother (high-end pots and pans and kitchen accessories, nice foodstuffs downstairs), the Courthouse Gallery (from which we have been known to buy a painting), the Old Creamery antique warehouse, the brilliant restaurant Cleonice, and a store called J&B Atlantic that sells all manner of things, from gift stuff to hardware to furniture to antiques to lamps. And lamps are what this post is about, because we spotted a lovely one today at J&B Atlantic – and you can see it at left. It’s a pendant lamp whose metal shade is 10 inches wide (it also comes in 12 inches and 14 inches), and what I like about it are the clean, unfussy lines, the bright colour, and the fact that it’s got a very slightly industrial look and feel to it.

The very best part is that Raymond liked it too! Which is a bit of a miracle, because if there’s one thing we rarely agree on, it’s lamp styles.

Our first thought is that three or four of these pendant lights would be fantastic for replacing the rather worn-out ones that now hang over our kitchen counter in Montreal. We’ve been vaguely looking for new ones for a while, and these would work beautifully – except, as we discovered, they don’t come in the right colour, which for that kitchen (which has a bit of a Provençal feel to it, colour-wise) would be yellow or navy blue. The version we saw at J&B Atlantic was a lovely industrial-type green, but that wouldn’t be right at all in our Montreal kitchen. And when we inquired about other colour possibilities, we discovered that they were limited to green, red, black and white – as you can see at right (with colours helpfully written in) in this image taken from the website of the wholesale company in Tennessee that makes, or at least distributes, them, B & P Lamp Supply.

So no dice for the Montreal kitchen. Ah, but what about the Manse kitchen? The one where the plan slowly shaping in our minds includes a counter with stools where guests could sit and watch and chat as, at the sink/counter/stove behind the counter, those who live there prepare meals? In my mind’s eye the big bright kitchen in which that counter sits has beautiful turquoise (of course) plaster walls above bright white wainscotting and below a white tin ceiling. The sides of the counter would probably also be in white wood to match the wainscotting. The surface on top? To be decided. But for sure it would need pendant lights hanging over it, and three or four of these lovely lights in shiny white would be… well, they would be just the thing.

This is a goofy picture of me in the Manse kitchen, but it has the virtue of showing the general area where the still-imaginary counter (over which our new lamps would hang) would be. Basically I am about where the cook would be working (with the pantry behind me); if you were a guest in our kitchen (or Raymond taking a night off), you’d be sitting facing me. The photo also shows the existing turquoise plaster walls and the old white wainscotting, much in need of repair.

So we can order the lights. And then we just have to deal with the small matter of building a kitchen around them. What can possibly go wrong?

4 thoughts on “Lamps for a kitchen that is far from built

  1. Indeed! Nothing can possibly go ‘wrong’. You and Raymond have the same sentimental archaeologist’s approach, balanced with good taste, and wisdom of enough years to know that even problems are opportunities. (There, feel better. Taking off my Pollyanna hat, putting on my toque.)

  2. Hello…did you forget that Bob owns a spray painting company and you could pick the exact color you want for those metal lamp covers and he would get them spray painted for you???

    • I DID forget that, Jeannie, and I am very glad of the reminder! That means that. not only blue or yellow lamps for the Montreal kitchen are a possibility, but also turquoise ones for the Manse! Yay Bob!

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