Nothing beats Queensborough for peace and quiet


As recent readers will know, Raymond and I have just spent several days on the coast of Maine in lovely Stonington. It is in many ways a very quiet place – let’s just say that if a movie isn’t playing at the Opera House the nightlife, in the off-season at least, is pretty much nonexistent, which suits us just fine. But in one respect it’s not all that quiet, and that respect is: traffic. The traffic on the main street (which is what this picture shows) is pretty much constant at all times of the day and night – including 4 a.m., when the lobstermen are heading down to the wharf to start their hard day’s work. Because our bedroom at the wonderful Inn on the Harbor faces onto the main street, anytime we’re awake in the night we can hear the steady stream of trucks. The noise doesn’t bother me at all – I find it kind of soothing, actually – but it is most definitely there. As it was at the very pleasant place we stayed last night on the way home, off what is clearly a very busy (if secondary) highway in Bethel, Maine. Again, traffic all night.

And that is one thing you never hear in Queensborough, nighttime or daytime. Queensborough is QUIET. It’s the first thing that strikes us when we wake up at the Manse, especially our first morning there on every visit.

I guess I can imagine a scenario when one would eventually get tired of the quiet, of a busy woodpecker and maybe the passing school bus being the only things you hear on a given morning.

But I think it will be a long time till we reach that point.

2 thoughts on “Nothing beats Queensborough for peace and quiet

  1. Katherine,

    I was in an odd place surfing the web when I stumbled on your blog “The Manse” I smiled as I had recollections of how much of an impression that small community had on your family. I recalled one Sunday afternoon visiting Queensborough on motorcycle with Melanie. For me, at the time, it was a few miles on a bike. For her it was a a voyage in time. One of the many times when I was humbled by the depth of your families appreciation of history.

    I would very much like to reconnect. With a home in Toronto, and one in Ottawa, I am a frequent traveler on Highway 7. Each time I pass the Queensborough sign I fondly recall the Sedgewick family.

    Be well.


    • What a wonderful surprise to find a comment from you, Jim! I hope you are well and look forward to hearing all about what you’re up to these days. It’s funny, I thought of you just the other day when I was poking through a used-book place in Maine, came across some Joseph Conrad, and remembered a comment you once made to the effect that my family was the only one you ever knew where every member had at least two copies of Lord Jim. So we had that in common as well as our fondness for Queensborough! Anyway, I (and I’m sure I speak for my sister and brothers too) look forward to reconnecting. You must turn north off 7 up Queensborough Road and come see Raymond and me at the Manse sometime!

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