A memento of Marguerite Thompson


It seems we just never know what we’re going to find at the Manse when we’ve been away for a while. One time it was a whole bunch of rotten old logs cleared out of our yard by John Barry. Another time it was a pot of harvest-orange ‘mums sitting on our front porch, a gift from Jen and Ed Couperus. Tonight it was a great 1950s turquoise (yes, turquoise!) lampshade, a gift from Elaine Kapusta. Elaine had emailed me a while back saying she’d had it for a long time in a back bedroom at the lovely historic Queensborough house that she and her husband, Lud, live in, that it had belonged to her mother, Marguerite, and that it was mine if I’d like it. Well, you can imagine how thrilled and grateful I was, me who loves mid-20th-century style, and turquoise. But best of all is that it comes from Marguerite Thompson. She and her husband, John, were pillars of the community and of St. Andrew’s United Church, and just the nicest people you can imagine. Friendly, kind, open, always ready with a laugh. It is truly an honour to have a memento of Marguerite (and a stylish one at that!), and it just so happens that the lampshade fits perfectly – and looks perfect – on a vintage lamp I bought a while back in Lindsay, Ont., and that has been sitting, shadeless until this evening, in the Manse’s dining room. Now, with Marguerite’s shade, it looks, well, finished. And perfect.

Thank you, Elaine!

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