Raymond’s Christmas project

Christmas tree of books

We pulled this photo from a Facebook post that Raymond saw recently, laughing about how perfect an idea it was for us. Then today Raymond told me he thinks he’ll actually try to make a Christmas tree of books at the Manse! It would of course be our secondary “tree”; as you may have read in my post yesterday, we have bought a lovely (and very real) balsam fir that we will be putting up and decorating next weekend. But interestingly, in order to put it in the place where the Christmas tree was generally installed during my childhood at the Manse, we will have to move out a whole bunch of boxes of books. And what better thing to do with those books (at least for the time being) than stack them up in a Christmas-tree shape, adorn the whole with lights, and put it in another window?

I think it is an excellent plan. Especially if Raymond does all the work.

6 thoughts on “Raymond’s Christmas project

  1. This is delightful. What a perfect Christmas ‘tree’ for two bibliophiles!
    Will it be difficult to decide which book goes on the top?

    • Well, I would have said Times to Remember in Elzevir Township, but that’s a big book and Raymond says the top one will have to be very small. “When we get to that point, we’ll discuss it,” he says. Then: “Maybe A Child’s Christmas in Wales. That’s a small book. We have a copy of that somewhere, don’t we?” Yes, Raymond, I’m sure we do. But where?

  2. I love, love, love this idea! We no longer put a Christmas tree up as we are barely home on weekends, plus my rascal cats would definitely demolish it, as well as unwrap any gifts there as they are addicted to tape (they find it no matter where it is, and I find it after they upchuck it!). Also, Bob’s mother is deathly afraid of cats so won’t step foot into this house, and Joanie, and now perhaps Lucien are allergic to cats, so no visits from them. Anyway, I can probably come up with more excuses not to have a tree, but a tree such as that one, well, it would solve a problem for me too — getting rid of a few boxes of books that still reside in my living room from all the book sales I went to this summer/fall. Hmmmm….

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