They were looking forward to Christmas.


Or maybe they were already enjoying Hanukkah. Or thinking of other celebrations that come with their faith. At any rate, they were tiny children, and today 20 of them were killed because a person who should never have had access to powerful weapons, did. This photo from the New York Times shows the flag at half-staff at the White House, and I’m sure most and probably all of the people who might read this saw U.S. President Barack Obama’s extraordinarily moving statement today about the shootings in Connecticut. What I think about, as I sit perched in a rocking chair at the Manse, my childhood home where I spent so many happy Christmases, is how excited those kindergartners must have been about Christmas. And it is just the saddest, saddest thing in the world that this Christmas, and all others to come, will be denied them. If this awful thing might be the catalyst, finally, for a change in the gun laws that have allowed this to happen, then those 20 tiny children will not have died in vain. Which is my Christmas prayer. Perhaps it can be yours too.

3 thoughts on “They were looking forward to Christmas.

  1. We were so lucky to be innocents, as children. Today’s kids live with the same anxieties and fears as we adults. I hope your prayer – and that of countless others – is answered, Katherine.

  2. There are no words to describe this insanity. A child’s innocence is what gives adults the hope to believe all things are still possible in the world. I agree with gun control I just know in my heart that this would never have stopped this juvenile. If you are going to this extreme you would find the know how somewhere. It could be that prevention might have helped stop this crime. How many times do we learn of something like this and review back in the past about the character of these individuals. Someone must have seen some red flags but so many times in our society we turn the other way. We don’t want to know or get invovled. Prayers are constant this holiday season. I know there is no words that can take away the pain the parents and loved ones of the victims could hear from any of us to give them comfort. And that maybe this tradgedy will give us reason to self reflect. I only hope that time will ease and comfort all the people in New Town. May we have Peace on Earth and never have to hear another terrible news story like this again. That is my prayer for Christmas.

  3. If this doesn’t bring about a paradigm shift regarding gun control and the treatment of mental illness nothing will.

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