Christmas at a historic country church


Unfortunately this photo doesn’t show the blanket of wintry white that has descended on the Queensborough area on this first day of winter (and shortest day of the year). But you can be sure that Hazzard’s Church at nearby Hazzard’s Corners looks lovely in the snow. And a lot of people – including Raymond and me – will see it this Sunday evening, Dec. 23, when the annual Christmas service for the community is held in its historic surroundings. It is incredible how many people have mentioned this service to us as a must-attend. There will be lessons and carols and I imagine candlelight, and I am sure it will take me back to my childhood when my father was the minister at Hazzard’s and evening services were often held there. I know it will be a lovely service. Here’s a word to the wise, also passed on to us by many people: the service starts at 7 p.m., but it’s a small church, so get there early!

2 thoughts on “Christmas at a historic country church

  1. Katherine: A truncated photo 101 to you via me is needed to visually round out your dedicated prose. Drop by with a camera with adjustments that takes a sep flash that fits on top and give me a few hours and a receptive mind.

    • Would love to, Gordon, but it may be a hopeless case – I have always been a terrible photographer. Also, all my pictures are taken with my phone. Fortunately Raymond has a) considerably more talent and b) cameras, and he sometimes contributes.

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