Last day of a memorable year


I suppose we all look back on the year that has been as the final hours of that year wind down. You won’t be surprised that when I look back on 2012, the Manse looms very, very large. It was in late January that Raymond and I became the owners, and since then we have spent a lot of time there, and even more time thinking about and planning our renovation project. All of which has been fun, though not without its setbacks and challenges. But what sticks with me more about this past year is how much pleasure we have had getting to know central Hastings County and the people who live and do interesting things there. It is a quiet and beautiful part of the world.

These past few days in Montreal and area have been grey and cold and very, very snowy. (Why is it always grey and gloomy at New Year’s, anyway?) But it cheered me up immensely when, flipping back through my photos of the year, I found this pretty shot of Queensborough, summer 2012.

A good – and happy – image with which to close a very memorable year.

2 thoughts on “Last day of a memorable year

    • Thanks, Jo-Ann – and to you and Steve! Sorry for the delay in replying – a combination of ongoing flu fatigue and poor internet access on the road. All best for 2013, and see you soon in Queensborough!

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