Queensborough needs a homecoming weekend!

Welcome to Queensborough indeed! It would be lovely to bring together past and present residents of our little village.

Welcome to Queensborough indeed! It would be lovely to bring together past and present residents of our village – which is, as one famous resident aptly put it, “a happy little place.”

I was delighted today to see that someone from the Queensborough childhood of my siblings and me had found this blog and posted a comment. Matt Holmes was the same age as my sister, Melanie, and I was in school (and was friends) with Matt’s older sister, Heather. Ron and Billy were the older brothers. I’ve reminisced before about visiting their handsome brick home (which contained an ultra-modern – for the mid-1960s – sectional couch that I thought utterly dazzling), and Matt’s comment recalled the good old early-spring days of gathering sap to make maple syrup with my dad. (Yesterday’s post featured Matt’s grandparents, Will and Isabella Holmes, who lived across the road from the Manse, and his dad, Leslie. His mother, Jean Holmes, was the author of the ultimate – not to mention only – Elzevir Township history book, Times to Remember in Elzevir Township.)

Anyway, I just have to say how tickled I am that people with past and present Queensborough connections have found Meanwhile, at the Manse. They’ve posted comments and shared Queensborough knowledge and memories and photos, and I feel in a way like we are all working together to tell the story of a special little place – in the perfect words of the late Goldie Holmes, the “quilt lady” of Queensborough: “a happy little place in the country – ‘way back north,’ as people say – (whose residents) are a happy people.”

Wouldn’t it be splendid, past and present Queensborough people, if we could organize a homecoming event?  Former residents could come and spend a day or two with those of us lucky enough to be in Queensborough now, swapping stories, looking at old photos and how things are now, maybe touring some of the homes and gardens, going for a swim in the millpond, maybe enjoying a community supper, and getting to know all the interesting and talented people who live in the area now. (Some of whom have, of course, been there all their lives, and are a living and unbroken connection between Queensborough’s past and its present.)

I think it would be more fun than anything. Kind of like getting the old gang together – except it’s the new gang too. All one Queensborough gang, really.

Only one requirement, and this is the minister’s daughter speaking: on Sunday morning, I expect to see you all in church. At St. Andrew’s United. In Queensborough, of course.

4 thoughts on “Queensborough needs a homecoming weekend!

  1. hey Kathy you forgot me! The youngest Holmes sibling, me and Kenneth were the same age! hehe anyway, thanks for the Blog, Christina Sager pointed it to me and I love it!. I dont think we have any pictures of your dad helping us with the syrup, but he used to help through the week when my dad was away at work. I barely remember this tho. keep up the good work! Nancy Foley

    • Nancy, I have a terrible, terrible confession to make: I don’t remember you! I am so sorry to have left you off the list of Holmes kids – and my only defence is that I am ancient and, evidently, don’t remember as much from the past as I would like to think. If it’s any comfort, there are other families from the Queensborough area where the kids were about our age and where I remember a lot about the older ones, but the littler and younger ones have, for whatever reason, not stuck in my memory as well. But I do apologize – and I thank you for taking the time to check out my Queensborough ramblings! I hope they bring back some good memories, and I am counting on you to perhaps share your own. The perspective of a younger generation, as it were. Cheers!

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