The view from my rocking chair, or: It is good to be back at one’s Manse


I took this snapshot tonight as I was sitting in one of the vintage rocking chairs in the Manse’s dining room, looking toward the rest of the (totally unfinished) dining room, through to the (totally unfinished) kitchen, and with my ever-so-nice husband, Raymond, in between the two rooms. We are just back after having been away for almost a month, and I can’t believe how good it feels to be in quiet little Queensborough, and the Manse, again. This is a good, good place.

In a post a long time ago on this blog I asked whether readers think a house (like the Manse) can have feelings. A lot of people said yes, and I have to say that I think I concur with that. I can tell you that tonight the Manse, quiet and cold for the past several weeks, seems to be giving off a bit of a glow, with people and activity inside it and the walls all warmed up.

And with the prospect of a weekend here in this nice place, I suspect that Raymond and I are giving off a bit of a glow too.

We missed our Manse.

4 thoughts on “The view from my rocking chair, or: It is good to be back at one’s Manse

  1. The warmth is where the heart is that helps to make a home. If your out and about take a walk to the river. There is a little otter swimming around on the lower part of the dam. He goes back and forth from the little island and the mill lawn. He catches his supper and brings it up on the ice to eat. Were trying to catch a good photo of him or her. Makes the visit to Queensborough all the more worth while. 🙂 Enjoy your time home!

    • Oh wow, Marykay! How lovely! Unfortunately we are only here till midday Sunday, but we will pass by the river before we leave in hopes of catching a glimpse of Mr. or Mrs. Otter. I do hope you are able to catch a photo of it – how cool is that, having a village otter?

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