The old dump truck that made my day


When Raymond and I drove in to Queensborough from Montreal last night, I noticed something new on the landscape. (Not hard to do when the village is so small.) It was a big dump truck parked beside a recently refurbished and spruced-up (though still uninhabited, as far as I know) house down by the old Orange Hall (which you can see a bit of in the background of this photo). Anyway, I thought that was interesting, and by daylight today we went round to investigate. And what did we find but that it was one of the trucks that belonged to the late Allen Ramsay, husband of Queensborough’s legendary general-store keeper Bobbie (Sager) Ramsay. How did I know this? Simple: his name appears on the truck doors. It was so nice to be reminded of Allen, an absolutely great guy – and his trucking business. He and my dad, The Rev. Wendell Sedgwick, used to do business together, since Dad did woodlot work both here in Queensborough and up at his family farm in Haliburton. Quite often there was a need for logs to be trucked to the Domtar mill in Trenton, and until Dad got a big (very old and well-used) truck of his own, I am pretty sure it was Allen who did the trucking. When they worked together Bobbie would fondly call them “The preacher and the bear.” Anyway, it was great to be reminded of Allen today thanks to his old truck. May it long bear his name.

2 thoughts on “The old dump truck that made my day

  1. In case you weren’t made aware of it, that dump truck is parked there to start the clean-up of the mess from the house that burnt down last spring. Finally!!! It now belongs to Brian Ramsay.

    • It is great to hear that the cleanup will finally begin, Chuck – thanks for the news! Sorry we didn’t see you folks this weekend; it was a lightning visit, though excellent nonetheless. Please keep us posted on the cleanup!

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