Remember rumpus rooms? Rump rooms? Anybody?

Our vintage Twister game advertises itself as "A GREAT PART GAME INDOORS in family or rumpus rooms." Rumpus rooms! Does that take you back?

Our vintage Twister game (which as you can see we bought at a bazaar for $1) advertises itself as “A GREAT PARTY GAME INDOORS in family or rumpus rooms.” Rumpus rooms! Does that not take you back?

This past weekend has been a busy and very pleasant time for Raymond and me as family from New England have visited us here in Montreal. We love having family visit us! However, the fact that our visitors include children has reminded us (yet again) that our place here is very much set up for people without kids, and that we may need to do some work on the being-kid-friendly front. And that goes for the Manse too, because what with extended family on the Sedgwick side and the Brassard side there are a lot of great kids in our lives. And all of that leads me to: rump rooms.

Yes you do. You know what I mean. Rump rooms! Short for “rumpus rooms.” The room where the kids would go to cause a rumpus! A rumpus, people! Every “modern” house had one back in the day. The 1960s, I mean. And the first half of the 1970s. A place for the kids to be parked for rumpusing, roughhousing, “rassling,” playing board games, talking amongst themselves, etc.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think the “rump room” may have been a place for kids to be parked, period. Leave the parents in peace already. They deserve a break. And perhaps a cocktail. Or five.

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