Oscar is going to have to do without me


In one post this week I explained the conundrum facing Raymond and me this coming Sunday night: stay a little bit longer at the Manse (which has no TV connection) and miss the Academy Awards (and more to the point, the red carpet pre-show); or go back to Montreal a little earlier than originally planned and take in the whole Oscarfest.

Well, the decision has been made: a quiet Sunday night with Raymond at the Manse is what I need way more than a night of Oscar-viewing. The PVR in Montreal is set, when we get there we can watch all the good acceptance speeches (and gowns) and skip through the rest; and meantime, we get one more night of blessed peace and quiet at our Manse.

Which, I have to say, is tonight – now that we’ve arrived and settled in and had dinner and are reading the local newspapers and enjoying the peace and quiet of Queensborough after a busy week – making me come close to weeping with happiness. I love this place.

So yes, Oscar can wait. Indefinitely.

10 thoughts on “Oscar is going to have to do without me

  1. For your convenience, we can post on this blog every award as soon as each is awarded so that you won’t be surprised by what’s on your PVR…LOL

    • Hey, wait a minute… Don’t spoil the surprise! Oh, who am I kidding? By midday Monday we will be back in the newsroom and totally exposed to the news about winners, losers, and embarrassing acceptance speeches. Besides, I could just fire up Twitter tomorrow night and know everything that happens at the Oscars practically before it happens. But you know, I think I just won’t. I’d rather enjoy the peace and quiet of another Queensborough evening.

  2. You would be surprised what a little pair of bunny ears can give you. We don’t watch tv much and use the good old fashion rabbit ears. We can get global, ctv, channel 11 & 12 and of course tvo. You should give it a try. Who needs satalite 😉

  3. And now, the Oscar for…the best blog [web log]…”At The Manse” by Katherine Sedgwick…(cheers, cheers, applause…)

    We’ll be awaiting your acceptance speech…

    • Awwwww… well, I’d like to thank my hairdresser (hey, wait a minute – I don’t have one!) and my manager (ditto!) and… oh, never mind. But thank you for the kind thought, Graham. And if I really were making an acceptance speech, I would thank: Queensborough. For being Queensborough.

  4. Your too cute Graham.. all I know is watching the Oscars last night I would have been better off reading a good book. Nothing interesting and way too late for work the next day. If you haven’t watched Katherine you didn’t miss a thing. Delete your recording… You had the right idea listening to the peace and quiet of the village. 🙂

    • I am sure you are right, Mary Kay! This morning as I drove back to Montreal, Raymond read out the news stories (from my iPad) about the Oscar show and the winners, and we both thought: what a bore! Thank goodness we didn’t come back early to watch them! Instead we had a lovely quiet night at the Manse, reading in our rocking chairs, having a nice dinner, and soaking up the wonderful feeling of being, as you have so perfectly put it in the past, in a place “where the world would end and you wouldn’t know it!”

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