Best Valentine’s Day gift ever


Yes, I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but today I received a Valentine’s gift from Raymond that was not only worth waiting for (not that I was waiting for it; it was a total surprise) but is also, in my opinion, the best Valentine’s Day gift ever. (And thus makes Raymond the best Valentine ever.)

It is: a subscription to the Tweed News!

I have mentioned several times in this blog how much I enjoy reading the local press when we are in Queensborough. The free weeklies, the EMC and the Community Press, both do a fine job of covering the news throughout the region, but the Tweed News is special. For one thing, it’s an independent family operation, not part of a big chain like the others. And it’s a paid newspaper, which as Raymond and I well know is a challenging business to be in these days. Despite the challenges, though, publisher/editor Rodger Hanna and his team put out a fine Tweed-focused newspaper every week. Raymond and I especially enjoy the column on local heritage and history by Evan Morton of the Tweed and Area Heritage Centre, and The Rev. Bill Perry’s Under the Bridge and Beyond column, always thought-provokingly pegged to the week’s Bible readings from the Christian lectionary.

And now, thanks to my just-revealed Valentine’s gift, I will receive the Tweed News by mail every week in Montreal! It will be a wonderful link to this special part of the world on the many weeks when I am
not able to be here. Pretty nice gift, eh?

But wait: there was more! Not only does my subscription start with the Feb. 13 issue (the one just before Valentine’s Day), but in that issue, in the Tweed News classifieds, is a valentine – to me! From Raymond! You can see it in the photo.

How lovely is that?

And how lucky am I?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Raymond. Will you be my Valentine?

8 thoughts on “Best Valentine’s Day gift ever

  1. Hi Katherine et al,

    Had dinner tonight at Actinolite on Ossington St. Was delighted to meet Justin Cournoyea, the owner/cook, who knows how to put ingredients together for a great meal. Justin said that his grandfather was Toby (Clovis) Cournoyea, a well-known auctioneer in my day of growing up near Tweed, Ont. His young son is also Toby Cournoyea. A daugher of Patrick and Rita Murphy, I grew up on a farm a few miles north of Tweed, and my dad often took us to Price’s restaurant on Hwy 7 to have an ice cream and “see the bears”. In those days we drove through Actinolite to get to Hwy 7. Enjoyed your story of receiving the Tweed News for Valentine’s Day. Evan Morton is wonderful man and was a classmate of my sister, Adele who is a local history buff too.

    Colette Wilson, Brantford, ON

    • Hello, Collette, and thanks for reading and for your excellent (and enlightening) comment! I’m pleased (though not at all surprised) that you enjoyed your dinner at Actinolite. When Raymond and I dined there recently, I have to say it was one of the best restaurant meals we’ve had in ages. You are lucky to have been able to meet chef/owner Justin Cornoyer – unfortunately we did not on our visit. That’s very interesting about his grandfather the auctioneer – I imagine there are quite a few people around these parts who would remember him. And I am so pleased to “meet” someone else who remembers going to Price’s to see the bears!

  2. Sure wish I’d have thought of such a gift, I only got Gayle a little rose plant. Those French guys are so damn romantic!!

    • They are indeed! But a rose plant – now you’ve got me dreaming (again) about trying to grow roses at the Manse. It is a very intimidating thought, but I do love roses… and a challenge… But anyway, I think a rose plant is a perfectly lovely Valentine’s Day gift!

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