Four-legged visitors


Save for the driveway and walkway that have been shovelled out and plowed out by Queensborough friends (and, to some extent, us), the Manse’s lawn is a foot-and-a-half-deep blanket of snow. And that blanket is pristine save for some telltale signs of animals that have come to check the place out. The photo shows what we saw when we looked out the “formal” front door of the Manse (as opposed to the kitchen front door, the one that everybody actually uses) this past Friday when we arrived.

I rather like the idea of being in a place (Queensborough) that’s so quiet and so close to field and forest (and wetland) that creatures come and wander around the general vicinity of the house. (Last summer I posted about my close encounter with a deer right in the centre of the village.)

Now I’d like to know what these particular visitors were. (Is there an Audubon field guide to animal tracks, I wonder?) I know the larger set look a bit like human footprints, but I don’t think they are; possibly it’s my friend Mr. Deer. And the littler ones: a raccoon? A cat? A coyote?

There are also some tracks around the edge of the back yard, which I don’t have photos of because I would have had to have stomped through a yardful of deep snow to take them.

Interesting to know that the wildlife is keeping an eye on the perimeter. And, from time to time, venturing inside it.

2 thoughts on “Four-legged visitors

  1. Your “go to” book for tracks is “Animal Tracks of Ontario” Lone Pine Publishing. The Tweed News has these and all sorts of other Ontario guides to nature – animals, mushrooms, amphibians, etc. for sale at the front of their store.

    • Thank you, Pauline! It is beginning to seem like the Tweed News store is the source of all good things (see coming blog post this evening). I can’t believe I’ve never spotted that book on my visits there, but I will be picking a copy up next time.

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