A box of Duz, just for me!

A Manse-warming gift from Gordon: a pristine box of Duz detergent, and three beautiful cream-coloured glass lightshades. How nice is that? (Photo by Gordon Beck)

A Manse-warming gift from Gordon: a pristine box of Duz detergent (“Safe Suds! Whiter Washes!”), and three beautiful vintage cream-coloured glass lightshades. How nice is that? (Photo by Gordon Beck); and read on to find out what that is in the background.)

I have been remiss in not sharing until now an absolute treasure promised to me as a gift by our friend and former Montreal Gazette colleague (and photographer extraordinaire) Gordon Beck. After he retired from The Gazette, Gordon and his wife, Ewa, moved to an 18th-century stone carriage house that they had painstakingly restored in lovely little Merrickville, Ont., and opened a photo gallery (called From Here to Infinity) there. More recently they have restored another great old building, on the main street of equally nice (though larger) Brockville, Ont., and this April they will be opening a combination bookstore and photo gallery there. Trust me, it’ll be wonderful. You can find out lots more about Gordon, and see his stunning photos, here.

Anyway, after my post about the good old days when things like towels and drinking glasses came in boxes of detergent – and I’m pretty sure Duz was the brand – Gordon posted this comment:

“I have a Manse warming gift for you. Three old glass lampshades (Milk opaque) and (drum roll) an unopened box of DUZ from an E[astern] Townships auction in the 60′s.”

There is only one word for this, and it is: awesome.

In his email when he sent the photo of the gift (which you see at the top of this post), Gordon said of the Duz, “I can’t wait to read the results of your using a little at the Manse.” But I don’t think I could bear to open it! How often does one find an untouched box of Duz, for Pete’s sake?

Meanwhile, aren’t those lamp globes beautiful? They will be sure to be put to good vintage-y use at the Manse.

And you might be interested to know what’s in the background of the photo Gordon sent. It has to do with a project at the new Brockville building that involves displaying pieces of the beautiful historic wallpaper that he and Ewa found there: “On the [computer] screen is one of the wallpaper bits I photographed in the context of the setting with a partial joist and plaster and other detritus.  I’ll have about 30 of these when I open the gallery. The show will be called ‘Wallpaper…and the art of vertical digging.”  One must have dreams.’ ”

One must indeed, Gordon. Thank you for your wonderful gift, and Raymond and I look forward to visiting the fulfillment of your and Ewa’s new dream in beautiful Brockville. Readers, you should too!

4 thoughts on “A box of Duz, just for me!

  1. Hi Katherine: Guess what. No. Just read on. I was in stormy Montreal yesterday on a rush shoot and left the Manse warming gift with Julian Armstrong. She said she’ll bring it to the Gaz on Tuesday. Thanks for the generous thoughts. Gord.

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