One thing the big city has over Queensborough


Yes, it’s the Apple store, right there on Montreal’s Ste. Catherine St. W., beside the lovely Ogilvy’s department store and a convenient five-minute walk from my workplace.

And what is so great about the Apple store?

Well, aside from the fact that it sells the most beautiful (and easiest to use – though, full disclosure, my RRSP has Apple shares in it) computers and phones and tablets in the world, it is the home of the Genius Bar. That is the place where smart young (they’re all young) Apple people solve the computer/phone/tablet problems of dunderheads such as myself.

Such problems in the last few days have accounted for my not having posted here, for which I apologize. The computer problems are pretty much my own fault, though I will say that Apple’s iPhoto photo-management program (the source of my grief) is, I have decided, not up to the normal high Mac standards of being easy to use and instinctive. As my brother John said yesterday, commiserating with my woes and having experienced similar problems, it’s almost as if iPhoto was created by – Microsoft. You know, the company whose hard-to-use products suggest that it hates humans and refuses to cater to the way humans might actually think.

Anyway, I’m beginning to sound cranky, and I shouldn’t, because I am very sure that my appointment at the Genius Bar of the Montreal Apple store late tomorrow afternoon will solve all my problems.

My real worry is this: If (or, perish the thought, when) things go wrong with my Mac/iPhone/iPad at the Manse – well, the Genius Bar will be an awfully long way away, won’t it?

7 thoughts on “One thing the big city has over Queensborough

    • GREAT information, Nikol; thank you! Having spent the best part of the past three days fighting with iPhoto, I am absolutely (at your suggestion) going to look into Aperture. I cannot thank you enough!

    • I have to confess that I do need a lot of (figurative) hand-holding when things go wrong with my laptop (or iPhone, or iPad); they are, for better or worse, extensions of myself. I’m always more than a bit freaked out when things go wrong, and anxious about a visit to the Genius Bar; but the geniuses invariably solve my problem and soothe my shattered nerves. I’m sure good support is available remotely, but there is nothing like that face-to-face connection; that way they can see for themselves how utterly rattled and scared I am! And they’re very good about taking pity on me.

  1. In my experience, Apple support and the Genus Bar are absolutely fantastic to work with (as long as your product is still under warranty, or if you’ve purchased the extended warranty). I’m one that plugs my iPod and iPhone in daily and when my 3+ year old iPod Touch began having trouble after I installed iTunes 10 (Msg: iTunes could not sync with iPodName as it cannot identify the apps) – that’s it, no error number, no indication of the true underlying problem. After calling both support and the iStore (Brick & Mortar), they would be happy to assist me for $39.99 for the 1st 1/2 hour and whatever else it would cost if it were not identified and repaired before the 1/2 hour were done. What did happen (after I searched and searched the web) is that when iTunes 10 was installed, it lost index pointing to the apps which were updated offline (you know, update all) and all I had to do was to remove the two apps that were most recently updated and all was good) … one would think that they could have relayed that message to us even if it were in their customer/employee forum … but they are instructed not to as it would not be a revenue stream. In defense of the company that makes it difficult to use, I’ve never had a problem getting at minimum chat support as long as the s/w OS was still supported.

    • Well, the Genius Bar folks did it again today, Leon, I am happy to report! And free of charge, as always. Though I have to say that when things go wrong with any of my Mac devices (which admittedly is rarely, and generally my own fault) I would pay almost anything to get it fixed. Crazy how reliant we’ve become on these things, isn’t it? What on earth was life like before them? I can’t remember…

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