Awesome stars – and pretty cool icicles


Tonight as we turned “north of 7” – that is, off Highway 7 just west of Actinolite and north onto Queensborough Road toward Queensborough and the Manse – I looked out the window and saw that the stars in the clear night sky were absolutely spectacular. As they were when we pulled in at the Manse. I kept pausing as we unloaded the car to look up in awe. When you live in the over-lit city you just don’t see stars like that.

But you can’t (or at least I can’t) take a photo that will remotely do justice to the starry heavens over Queensborough on a clear winter night. You can, however, take a photo of another thing, beautiful and wondrous on a much smaller scale: the sparkling row of icicles dangling from the snow overhanging the front-porch roof.

Do you remember as a kid reaching up and breaking off an icicle and popping it into your mouth like a lollipop? I hadn’t thought of that in decades. But tonight, it all came back.

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