The spoon collection.

Our new (old) spoon collection, found at Kim's Kollectibles in Madoc.

Our new (old) spoon collection, found at Kim’s Kollectibles in Madoc. I’m rather partial to the one with the coloured inlay in the spoon itself; the spoon is from Mazinaw Lake/Cloyne, which is not exactly a far hike from the Queensborough area! But I guess to the original owner, a visit there was worthy of a souvenir spoon.

Didn’t everybody’s grandmother have a spoon collection? I believe the general idea was that when you visited a far-off place, you commemorated it by buying a little spoon. A silver spoon? I doubt it. Not much tarnish on the souvenir spoons that I have come across, at auctions and whatnot. But surely you will agree it was a rather sweet idea.

Anyway, people of my age will doubtless remember when many dining-room and living-room walls were adorned with a souvenir-spoon collection. And I am very pleased to say that Raymond and I now have one of our own! At the Manse! Not one that we actually collected, of course; it’s the collection of another person, another life lived, who went to Stratford, Ont., Newfoundland, North Carolina, Tennessee, British Columbia, Cloyne, Ont. (I kid you not), Las Vegas – and so on. Those spoons are a sweet remembrance of adventures had, and places visited that those people would in all likelihood never visit again.

We bought the vintage spoon collection last weekend, in our wildly entertaining rounds of fun things to do in the Madoc/Tweed area. It cost ten dollars. And I think it is a poignant reminder of the days when travel was more rare and thus more exciting than it is now. When you wanted a lasting reminder of your travels, something that would discreetly tell the world you’d been places. Like: a spoon collection.

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