I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts you haven’t seen these before

How kooky are these? You've heard of souvenir spoons, but – souvenir hot-dog plates? (Note how the ears are where you're suppose to put the mustard and relish.)

You’ve heard of souvenir spoons, but – souvenir hot-dog plates?

“Dollars to doughnuts,” yes – is that not a great turn of phrase?

I think I first heard it from a lovely person named Janice Rollins (Janice Broadworth now) who was the regular babysitter for my siblings and me back when we were growing up at the Manse in the 1960s. (Janice, if you’re reading this: do you by any chance remember me asking you what on earth “dollars to doughnuts” meant, and you explaining that it was just, y’know, a turn of phrase? Or am I mixing it up with the conversation we had about another classic, the shout one sometimes heard from the spectators at minor-league hockey games: “Eat your heart out!”? Or am I hallucinating?)

Anyway. Yesterday I wrote about the souvenir-spoon collection that Raymond and I have acquired for the Manse, not by travelling to different places and buying little spoons, but by buying the whole collection, lock stock and barrel, for the princely sum of ten dollars, at a collectibles shop in Madoc. Today I thought I’d show you our little collection of another kind of travel souvenir, a collection that is also now located at the Manse. (Though not yet hung up on a wall where it belongs.)

It is: hot-dog plates. In the shape of a dog. A wiener-dog dachsund-type thing. In Dijon-mustard-yellow china. With places for the mustard and relish in the dog’s droopy ears. And in the dog’s body (so to speak), where the hot dog goes, some images of the highlights of South Dakota (Mount Rushmore, for one), or Texas (a longhorn steer), or Nevada (Lake Tahoe), or Washington State (the Grand Coulee Dam, of course; and just because I can, I invite you to click here to watch Arlo Guthrie sing [and talk about] his father Woody‘s song celebrating it).

Aren’t those plates just the darnedest thing?

I found them at the Old Creamery Antique Mall in Ellsworth, Maine, a town (and a shop) that Raymond and I like to visit when we are in Stonington (about an hour away) in the late fall. There were a few more than the four I bought, but I kind of thought four was enough.

Raymond thought four was four too many. But what does he know?

2 thoughts on “I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts you haven’t seen these before

    • It’s practically the only think one can say about those hot-dog plates, though our friend Jim’s pithy comment “Yikes!” when Raymond posted it on Facebook is pretty good too. They are so ridiculous that I just couldn’t resist buying them. I especially love the “Mustard” and “Relish” places in the droopy ears. I look forward to actually using them, serving hot dogs on them to unwitting visitors at the Manse!

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