Teleportation: the better way to travel


Raymond and I are back at the Manse, which is a great place to be on a Friday night, and being here is a great way to start the weekend. And our drive here from Montreal was pleasant enough (translation: uneventful), but four and a half hours on the road is still four and a half hours on the road.

I have a better solution: teleportation! You know, how Captains Kirk, Picard, Janeway and the lesser ones would make their way instantly to the planet surface, hundreds of thousands of miles below wherever the Enterprise was hovering.

Clearly it’s the better way to get between Montreal and the Manse. What could possibly go wrong?

4 thoughts on “Teleportation: the better way to travel

  1. Well, obviously NOTHing! And as soon as it’s available to the likes of me, I’ll be off regularly to that favourite headland in Cornwall. Beam me right into Port Quin.

    • Well, it sure would be speedier than driving. But the expense! Helicopter purchase (or rental), flying lessons (or hiring a pilot)… No, all in all I think teleportation is a much more practical option.

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