“More to see and do”

Welcome Q'boro

“Come again – more to see and do.” That’s what you read on the back of the “Welcome to Queensborough” signs as you’re exiting at the east and west ends of the village. (The same slogan is on identically styled signs at the entrances to Tweed and the other hamlets – Stoco, Actinolite, etc. – that, along with Queensborough, make up what I refer to as the Greater Tweed Area.)

Now, if you were passing through Queensborough for the first time, especially on a midwinter day when not much was astir, I think you’d kind of scratch your head at the notion that there was more to see and do in our little village than what you’d already experienced. There are, after all, no places to dine or shop, the general stores having closed a long time ago. There are no obvious visitor attractions, aside from the picturesque nature of the village and its historic buildings, but you can pretty well see all of that in a very short time. If you knew when the next church supper at St. Andrew’s United was scheduled for, or a dance or other event at the community centre, there would be more for you to come back and do, but aside from that it’s a pretty quiet place, and the words on the sign kind of make me smile.

(That said, there are good plans afoot for more happenings and special events and ways to attract interest in, and visitors to, Queensborough. Nothing will happen overnight, but stay tuned.)

Anyway! My point, and I do have one, is this: Raymond and I have more than enough to see and do in Queensborough and area this coming weekend.

Our friends in the city probably imagine that our weekends at the Manse are nothing but rest and peace and quiet. And yes, there often is rest and peace and quiet. But there are also people to see and things to do – and this weekend happens to be a doozy.

I was lucky enough to be the high bidder on this apron, which was inspired by the Madeline books. This weekend it's time to go pick it up!

I was lucky enough to be the high bidder on this apron, which was inspired by the Madeline books. This weekend it’s time to go pick it up

First in the lineup is visiting the grand opening of an exciting new shop in Stirling (about 40 minutes from Queensborough) called Chickadelic Salvage and Design. Why? Well, first of all, Chickadelic looks to be a very cool shop and a great addition to an already-blossoming village. But secondly, we have merchandise to pick up! You may remember a post I did back in March, about an online auction of literary-themed aprons that Chickadelic was holding to raise money for books for the young-adult section of Stirling Public Library. (Pretty neat civic-minded thing for a business that hasn’t even opened yet to do, no?) Well, I was the high bidder on two beautiful aprons in that auction, and it’s time to claim them and bring them home to the Manse!

Next: we are having some friends for dinner. Now, our limited kitchen facilities at the Manse mean our dinner parties are not exactly exotic or elaborate, but we have high hopes that a nice evening will be had by all. But preparations will have to be made, so in addition to our excursion to Stirling we’ll also be doing our food shopping and other regular errands.

On Sunday morning it’s of course church at St. Andrew’s, and I’ll be reading the service prepared by our minister, who will be occupied with services at the other two churches on the pastoral charge. And we will be welcoming our nephew Timothy, who has very kindly and generously agreed to take a break from studying for his university exams in Toronto to come and play the piano for our service.

We may also have a chance to visit a maple-syrup-making operation and see some old friends there. More on that (complete with photos) when and if we get there.

And meanwhile, going on in the background (and quite possibly the foreground) of the whole weekend will be a very big annual event in Queensborough. It’s the Marmora Area Canoe and Kayak Festival, MACKFest. Last year around this time I did a post about how the participants paddle down the runoff-swollen Black River and go right over the dam at the historic Thompson Mill in Queensborough. Well, this year Raymond and I are going to get to see it first-hand. It is crazy! And if you don’t believe me, skip ahead to about the 2:20 point on this video and see for yourself:

As you can imagine, many of the kayakers are cold and wet when they come out of the river below the dam. Fortunately for them, volunteers with the Queensborough Community Centre are there to provide hot coffee and great treats to eat, a fundraiser for the centre. The place will be hopping.

So yeah, all in all I guess you could say there is a lot to see and do in Queensborough. This weekend, anyway!

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