Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo – in Kaladar!


I have already mentioned (more than once) that Raymond is a lifelong dedicated Boston Red Sox fan. As such, he is happy to use whatever technology he can get his hands on to get access to Red Sox games, and for this newly started baseball season he has purchased the app MLB TV, which for the low low price of $129 allows you to watch – in HD! – any Major League Baseball game, with the TV commentators of your choice (home-team guys or away-team guys) on your iPhone or iPad – and you can connect it to your TV! So he is in baseball heaven for (have I mentioned this?) the low low price of $129 for the whole season!

Which this evening translated into me pulling in the Red Sox-Blue Jays game in HD, complete with commentary by the inimitable Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo of NESN (the New England Sports Network), on my iPhone as Raymond and I hurtled Manse-ward along Highway 7.

If you don’t know Don and Jerry, let me just tell you that you should. These guys are classics, as perhaps you can tell from the photo, which shows them (Jerry, left, and Don, right) puzzling over a light sabre (!) that a fan had left in the broadcast booth. Jerry played second base for the Red Sox once upon a time, and has been loved by the Boston fans from then to now. And he owns a good restaurant/bar right behind Fenway Park, which Raymond and I have visited. And he is a card. Don is the straight man, but I have to say that for a straight man he’s pretty funny too. These two play off each other beautifully, and are so much fun to listen to.

Which we were intently doing as we drove tonight into tiny Kaladar Ontario. And I just thought (and said aloud, to Raymond): “Imagine! Listening to Jerry Remy – in Kaladar!”

Technology has most definitely made the world much smaller. And if that means being able to listen to the world’s best baseball-commentator team when you’re “north of 7” (or nearly), well – bring it on!

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