Old Queensborough and new Queensborough


Raymond and I have had a very busy but very pleasant day visiting with Queensborough friends old and new. By “old” I mean people whom my family and I have known since we lived here four decades ago; by “new” I mean people who have moved here in the years since, and whom Raymond and I have got to know since our purchase of the Manse in January 2012. I have noticed – and I am far from alone in this – that the “old people” and the “new people” don’t mix all that much, that in fact there is a little bit of suspicion on each side toward the other side. What I can say definitively as someone who sort of crosses over between the two groups – I am both an “old” and a “new” Queensborough person – is that the people from both groups are good folk, and not only that: they have the important thing in common that they have chosen to live in this beautiful and quirky part of the world.

Today was a big day in Queensborough, Day 1 of the two-day Marmora Area Canoe and Kayak Festival (MACKFest), when kayakers from all over Ontario (and even Quebec) come paddling down the Black River and end their paddle with a thrilling leap over the dam at the Thompson Mill in the heart of town. And there, when they come out of the icy water, they are greeted with a warm fire, barbecued food, hot coffee, and homemade pie. (A fundraiser for community projects.) And also, a big crowd of people gathered to watch and cheer them on. What you see in the photo (not a great one, but there were photo issues today; more anon) is the colourful sight of many kayaks pulled up from the river as their owners enjoy the Queensborough food and hospitality.

The people serving the food and the people who have baked those amazing pies and the people gathered to watch this exciting event in our community are both “old” and “new” Queensborough folk. Everybody working and having a good time together, and being community.

Proof that “old” and “new” can do great things together.

6 thoughts on “Old Queensborough and new Queensborough

  1. Thought about you two and your village at your kayak event yesterday…the photo tells me how popular it is. But not how cold it must be to kayak white water in early April. Intrepid people, wonderful that Q’boro welcomes and feeds them warmly.

    • Those kayakers have a lot more intrepidness about them (vis-a-vis tackling white water and the Queensborough dam [!] in such frigid conditions) than I will ever have! But I have to say the same for the hardy volunteers who served up pie and coffee and tea, and who barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers, in the same cold conditions, over the course of the weekend. And Raymond and I saw first-hand how much the kayakers appreciated it. What great people, and what a great event for our little village!

  2. Yes, it was cold in the water for the kayakers…there still is ICE on the millpond. Naturally, the participants were wearing their cold-water neoprene suits, gloves, helmets, etc.

    I wasn’t around Saturday to watch but did observe a group of 8 late Friday afternoon as they tested the drop over the big dam.

  3. A rolling stone gathers no moss… It is kind of like that with a community. Without the past you cannot make a future and without the future there would be no past. If were lucky harmony will play a important part. We are like colors and have our own unique shade. But we cannot live in black and white. Even though life sometimes ask us too. That is why we enjoy the Kayakers.. They bring lots of colour to our community.

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