I am in love with this bathroom.

Quite possibly the perfect bathroom. Unfortunately it is at the Brooklyn home of Pilar Guzman, the editor in chief of Matha Stewart Living, rather than at our Manse in Queensborough. But give me time… (Photo from marthastewart.com)

Quite possibly the perfect bathroom. Unfortunately it is at the Brooklyn home of Pilar Guzman, the editor in chief of Martha Stewart Living, rather than at our Manse in Queensborough. But give me time… (Photo from marthastewart.com)

I just can’t stop looking at this photo. I found it thanks to a fantastic (and very funny) home-reno blog that I follow, called Victoria Elizabeth Barnes (“Restoring our 1890 Victorian”). In the blog Victoria recounts the adventures that she and her very patient husband, Paul, are having as they do a major, major renovation of a home in Philadelphia. I always look forward to her posts, not only because they are well-written and amusing, but because I see so much of my compulsive I-want-what-I-want self in her.

Anyway, Victoria of late has been writing primarily about the kitchen-renovation planning that she has been doing, but previously she was on about the bathroom re-do. And in both cases she has drawn inspiration (and posted photos) from the home of Pilar Guzman, the editor in chief of Martha Stewart Living. Guzman and her family live in a brownstone in Brooklyn and it is, of course, perfect. (What else would you expect from someone highly placed in the Martha Stewart empire?)

Well, actually … to my taste the house is a bit too heavy on the dark-wood front. (You can get the whole tour and decide for yourself here.) Victoria absolutely adores the kitchen:

The kitchen of that stunning brownstone. (Photo from marthastewart.com)

(Photo from marthastewart.com)

And yes, it’s gorgeous. But I couldn’t live with all that heavy dark Victorian wood. I need lightness and brightness, especially in the kitchen.

Ah, but that bathroom! And it’s only the guest bathroom! But I would be happy to make it mine. I love the high, high ceiling; the Manse has high ceilings (though probably not that high). And the old clawfoot tub and the very modern walk-in shower. And especially the bright-white subway tile on the wall and the smaller tiles on the floor. (The tiles, marthastewart.com tells us, are from Ann Sacks Tile & Stone, and I have been drooling over the stuff at the Ann Sacks site, which is here, this evening.) And I especially love the fact that there is a great big window allowing light to stream in – which, combined with all the whiteness and brightness of the room itself, mitigates and complements the dark wood moulding around the window.

I could so totally be happy with that bathroom.

10 thoughts on “I am in love with this bathroom.

  1. So the hairline challenged guy in the Martha-approved Brooklyn kitchen photo with all his snappy suits and cute kids forgot that if you’re going to use stools at an island you need to put your knees somewhere. Check out Jr having his forced photo snack sitting a foot out from the eating surface. I hope they’ve got the laundry room re-done for whatever he’s dropping on his lap. My point? I don’t really have one. You need an overhang on an island top. And even when it’s looks perfect in the photo… Damn I’m smart sometimes.

    • Geez, I never thought about the need for an overhang on a kitchen island, but now that I think of it you are absolutely right, John. (Also, I have to say the stools in that photo don’t look quite up to Martha standards, though everything else is gorgeous.) But I think it’s probably a mistake for you to assume that it was the chap in the photo who made that decision; this is, after all, the home of Pilar Guzman (the woman in the photo), and she is the high-ranker in the Martha empire, and I bet she had a lot of input into every inch of that house. Perhaps her husband (being practical) argued (unsuccessfully) for the overhang.

  2. It’s a beautiful bathroom, but I think I’d add curtains. Otherwise, it could be a room with a view – for your neighbours.

    • Well, there is that, Jim. Somehow I suspect that when that bathroom is actually in use (as opposed to in a photo shoot) there is some sort of window covering there – though the view of leafy Brooklyn is awfully nice, is it not? The good news for us is that in Queeensborough we have a lot fewer neighbours than anyone in Brooklyn does, and if this bathroom were on the second floor, in the daytime at least I don’t think there’d be any need for closed shades or curtains. Lots of light streaming in!

    • Interesting, Sandra. Just as I am torn between an old-style (though brand new) wood stove and a more sleek and modern European version, I am unsure whether I would prefer a vintage clawfoot tub or one of those – well, sleek and modern European versions of the standalone tub. But I do think a standalone tub and separate shower are a wonderful luxury if one has the space. So that’s a start on the bathroom plan at least…

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