Is this a solution to our surfeit of books?

Bibliochaise and hassock

You all know that Raymond and I have a lot of books. I mean, a lot of books.  We have too many books, really. But I suspect you’d guessed that from some of my past posts. Anyway, people with too many books need solutions, and this is one that I spotted in the Globe and Mail the other day. It’s called the Bibliochaise, it’s made by an Italian company called .nobody&co., and as you can see, it’s an armchair and a bookshelf combined! It comes with either a dark or a light frame, and several different colours of upholstery to match any overcrowded-with-books decor. And look: it even has a hassock! (You may recall how much I lamented the disappearance of hassocks here.)

So what do you think? Shall we order up a dozen or so for the Manse?

6 thoughts on “Is this a solution to our surfeit of books?

  1. Another solution is to “weed”, as librarians say. Take those books you know you will never read again, donate them to the Tweed Public Library for their book sale, and help fund a local community treasure that is underfunded by the municipality. Then talk to those councillors and tell them what you think about their mis-begotten budgeting!

    • Excellent idea in principle. The problem is finding any books we know we will never read again. We tend to buy history/biography/poetry/literature (and, in my case, funky old editions of children’s books) – not really disposable purchases. Or at least in our eyes, anyway. But we’d be happy to support the Tweed Public Library by buying more books at its book sale! (Oh, wait a minute…)

  2. Does the Tweed Library have shelf space ? Or could you buy and donate some of these bibliochaises (plus books) so they could store them but you could still read them ?

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