Old-fashioned homemade doughnuts, the best ever.

best doughnuts ever

Oh, people, don’t these look good? Well let me tell you, they taste way better than they look! They are, quite simply, the best doughnuts in the world. And – lucky us – they come from not far away from the Manse!

We have our Madoc Township friends Grant and Gayle to thank for even knowing about these amazing treats. In a comment on a post I made quite a while ago, they gave us the heads-up to check out the home baking sold (Fridays and Saturdays only) on Hollowview Road, a side road off Highway 62 south of Madoc. When you spot the “Home Baking” sign on the highway, you drive west for a kilometre or so and there you are. The doughnuts – and other baked stuff, and also very fresh eggs – come from an Amish farm; the Amish are relatively recent, and very welcome, settlers on the farmland of southern Hastings County.

Last weekend as Raymond and I were heading south on 62 toward Stirling (to take part in opening day at Chickadelic Salvage and Design, a wonderful new shop there; we found good stuff to buy) I spotted the “Home Baking” sign. And I suddenly remembered Grant and Gayle’s comment and thought: could that be the place?

And it was. And the doughnuts, people, are to die for. And I’m not even a very big fan of doughnuts – but these are old-fashioned doughnuts, “made with lard, which is dangerously addictive,” G&G warned us (correctly). They “make Tim Hortons look like amateur stuff,” they went on. Now, I am a big fan of Tim Hortons – primarily for the way the outlets have turned into the community meeting place in small towns all across the country – but I have to say that when it comes to doughnuts – well, they’ve got nothing on Mrs. Miller of Hollowbrook Road.


8 thoughts on “Old-fashioned homemade doughnuts, the best ever.

    • I can’t quite see Queensborough becoming an entirely Amish or Mennonite village, Graham, but there sure would be a lot to be said for having those doughnuts within walking distance! And it would attract people to our town.

  1. well I stopped on saturday to get some of the Old-fashioned homemade doughnuts, the best ever. It was worth the stop. I will be going back. The donuts were great.

    • Katherine, ever since you first posted about these doughnuts, I’ve been managing, with some difficulty, to drive right on by Hollowview Road, a teensy bit smug in my ability to pass on the temptation; however, if this effusive praise keeps coming from everyone who tries them, I just know I’m going to crumble. I’ll need a support group before long.

      • Brenda, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Those doughnuts will take you back to the way honey-dipped doughnuts used to be made, and when they are still warm when you buy them… well, it’s an experience not to be missed.

    • Aren’t they though? I’m glad you checked it out – and something tells me you’ll be back for more. Just seeing your comment made me wish I had an excuse to head down Highway 62 to Hollowview Road for another dozen.

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