A sign of spring is just what we all need right now.


Yesterday was such a surreal day because of the terrible, senseless attacks in Boston in which some of our own family members were injured. I needed fresh air and a clear head after a day immersed in those events in the newsroom, and since the weather was reasonably nice I decided to walk home from the office, a trek of a little more than 45 minutes (if you walk quickly, which I do).

When I was almost home I was delighted to see some crocuses. Those pretty little flowers told me that despite the recent odd weather (and the patch of snow that insists on lingering on our front lawn), spring really will come. And spring is a hopeful time, and that is something that I think we could all use a fair bit of right about now.

Seeing those crocuses also made me hope that plants might be starting to come up in the rock garden in front of the Manse – a garden for which Raymond and I can take no credit whatsoever; its existence is thanks to some good and caring gardeners from St. Andrew’s United Church, who planted and tended the perennials in recent years. (I only hope that I and my sad lack of gardening skill have not caused them too much harm over the past year since we bought the Manse.)

We will be back in Queensborough for a long-awaited week’s vacation starting this weekend. Having seen those little flowers springing up yesterday, I am itching to get started on the yard work at the Manse – despite the blisters I know I’ll get on my hands from hours of wielding the rake. It will feel good to see what new life will be springing up from the soil there.

New life coming out of the long-frozen earth is a happy sign at any time, isn’t it? But especially, I think, right now.

Thank you to all of you who have sent good wishes after I shared the news last night that Raymond’s brother and his wife, and their daughter, were among those injured in Boston. They will all be okay, though full recovery may take a while. That’s the good news. But their close friend and her daughter, who were standing right beside them at the marathon’s finish line, were much more seriously injured. Celeste has lost both her legs below the knees. Her daughter Sydney’s legs were very seriously damaged. We hope you will continue to send your thoughts and prayers.

4 thoughts on “A sign of spring is just what we all need right now.

  1. Katherine. My prayers are to all injured. Thank you for sharing the update on Raymond’s brother, sister-in law and daughter. I imagine their recovery will be a journey. My heart goes out to Celeste and Sydney who will have significant changes to their life as a result of their injuries. Sending kind thoughts and healing prayers for their mind, body and spirit.

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