The truck that did not make it to the dump


Gracious, Raymond and I have had quite a day. A day that included the purchase and installation of a new battery for his red truck (needed to get it on the road again after a winter in the Manse’s garage), which seemed to go swimmingly until it turned out that the truck also needed a new alternator. And how did we find this out? Like this: on Raymond’s way to the dump (second run of the day), shortly after this photo of all the lawn debris (raked up by me) packed into it was taken, the truck just – died.

But thanks to a very prompt and efficient CAA-dispatched tow-truck operator and the good folks at Derry’s Dipsticks garage in Madoc, the truck is well on its way to being fully charged again (and will be all set come morning). Which can mean only one thing: more dump runs!

5 thoughts on “The truck that did not make it to the dump

  1. Oh dear. Is it safe to say “have a nice break in Q’boro this week?” Enjoy the challenges of country life – I’m off to Toronto for my little change of pace. Have a date with Al’s home in Cabbagetown. Love to you both.

    • Lindi, thanks for the good wishes for our Queensborough “break.” It is proving to be a very hard-working break, with both of us falling into bed at night stiff and sore from the day’s labours, but that was to be expected. It is still an excellent break! Wishing you well as you rediscover Al and Eurithe’s time in Toronto; what a great literary adventure you are embarked upon!

  2. Glad to hear you scraped by without having to drink your own urine.

    P.S. Still haven’t received my manse invitation in the mail. Everyone reading this is thinking ‘well, DUH!’.

  3. In general, Ford Rangers [1983-2011] have been very reliable trucks. However, in my experience, alternators & starters last only about 200,000 km. Life expectancy for the engine & transmission, if properly maintained, is around 400,000 km

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