Will someone PLEASE fix the spelling on this sign?


This is the building in Madoc that houses the local office of the Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit, among other things. Raymond and I were in it yesterday to drop off a sample of our tap water for testing, something you’re supposed to do three times a year if you have a well, and that the health unit helpfully does free of charge. So that’s all to the good. What is NOT to the good is the spelling on the sign that graces the building, which has been bugging me for nigh on two years now, since Raymond and I first stopped in Madoc in June 2011 on our first visit to the on-the-market Manse. To whomever is in charge of this building: please please please look up the spelling of “resource” in the dictionary. Or, for that matter, right here on this blog. And then please consider bringing in a sign painter to change one letter and, as Mike Holmes would say, make it right.

Signed, your spelling buddy,


6 thoughts on “Will someone PLEASE fix the spelling on this sign?

  1. Hello Katherine. I just received this from a friend and
    although I have been working at the Resource Centre for a year,
    have not noticed the error. I will look after this. Jean McDonnell,
    Central Hastings Support Network.

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