Incite art. Create community.


I love this bumper sticker, which Raymond and I bought at the faraway – well, far away from Queensborough, anyway, and also, come to think of it, from Montreal – Stonington Opera House in beautiful Stonington, Maine. And now, as you can see in this photo, it is happily affixed to the tailgate of Raymond’s red truck at the Manse.

We spent yesterday evening with some Queensborough people who are artists and/or people interested in the arts, and from an evening’s worth of good conversation I can tell you most assuredly that the bumper sticker’s message is right: art makes – or at least helps make – community.

Queensborough is a place that has inspired, embraced, and interested artists for a long, long time. I think our famous quilt-maker, the late Goldie Holmes (who lived kitty-corner from the Manse) would be very pleased if she could have met the painters, photographers, sculptors and other artists who today make Queensborough their home and/or their inspiration.

So yes, people: Incite art. Create community!

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