Hastings County never fails to surprise

I am aching to have that ceramic-topped kitchen table from Revival Store – a new discovery in the north end of Hastings County. Please don't get to it before I do!

I am aching to have this enamel-topped kitchen table from Revival Store – a new discovery in the north end of Hastings County. Please don’t get to it before I do!

I have spies and accomplices, you know. Some of them have known me most of my life, and some of them have met me (in the flesh, at least) only weeks ago. Thanks to my ramblings here at Meanwhile, at the Manse, they’ve got me figured out, and they understand (and often share) my enthusiasms for Queensborough, Hastings County, local history, mid-20th-century furniture, the 1960s, turquoise, aprons, the hymns of Charles Wesley, etc. etc. etc. And they share their knowledge and findings.

Who wouldn't want a starburst clock? Didn't everybody's grandparents have one of them in their wood-panelled "rump room"? (Photo from Revival Store)

Who wouldn’t want a starburst clock? Didn’t everybody’s grandparents have one of them in their wood-panelled “rump room“? (Photo from Revival Store)

Here’s the latest, and it’s a good one: a tip from my friend Brenda, who lives in Madoc, about a shop she discovered thanks to a craft show in Corbyville (just north of Belleville) last weekend. It’s called Revival Store, it’s on Detlor Road off Highway 62 just south of Bancroft (“an easy day trip for you and Raymond from the Manse,” as Brenda says), and what a place!

Like another of my recent Hastings County discoveries, the wonderful shop called Chickadelic in the village of Stirling, Revival Store specializes in reinventing and renewing vintage items; the philosophy is waste not, want not, and find good stuff. And thanks to this philosophy, if you’re the customer, you’re very likely to find awesome things thanks to people who have retrieved and repurposed vintage goods.

If you check out Revival Store here (which I urge you to do), you’ll probably be asking yourself the same question I had when Brenda’s email arrived: who knew there was such cool stuff going on in the remote nooks and crannies of northern Hastings County?

But wait a minute: why be so surprised? Raymond and I have been poking around Hastings County for a year and a half now, and are well aware that we have only scratched the surface. (Which is about all you can do with the soil in much of this Canadian Shield country.) It is a place that the world at large has not yet discovered.

Just some of us. The lucky ones.

15 thoughts on “Hastings County never fails to surprise

  1. Hi there,
    The picture of the enamelled-top kitchen table reminds me that I have an identical one in our kitchen. Many years ago, when I was growing up in Hamilton, it also served as an operating table. Circa 1940 I was riding my small bike down Sherman Avenue when it went over the curb. I ended up with a nasty cut to my forehead. Our family doctor came to the house, put me up on the table and put a half-dozen stitches in my forehead. Whenever I think about my childhood, I’m reminded of our kitchen table that served as an operating table many years ago.
    The table is NOT FOR SALE. SORRY
    I continue to enjoy the stories of Queensborough.
    Keep up the blog.

  2. I have an enamel top kitchen table at the farmhouse on PEI, and I’ve been wonering what to do with it when I sell the place — which I plan to do this summer. I’d be happy to give it to you, but would have to transport it by car when I return in the fall. Think about it — otherwise it’s just going in the basement at the cottage. To be ached after by no one.

    • Wow, thank you, Hilary! We might well take you up on that, though if so we would try to find a way to ease your transportation hassle. It could be awesome in the renovated summer kitchen!

      • I’m very serious, and you can think of it as an extremely delayed wedding gift. It will not take much room in my vehicle (there’s a reason I have the vehicle I do.) Top down, legs sticking up. hardly makes a dent in the baggage compartment. I would love for it to go to a good home. I just simply don’t have room for it. I love the style– caught between the old and new — detailed wooden legs and then the ultramodern enamel top. I’ll take a photo of mine when I get to the island. It’s almost exactly the same as the one you photographed, only legs have not been repainted and it’s, possibly, slightly larger. Just say yes.

      • YES!!! Thank you so much, Hilary! It will be lovely to have something from the Hilary Macleod Collection at the Manse. That is just so nice of you. And we will put that table to very good use. It will be happy!

    • Sandra, the crazy thing is that I have that CD – somewhere. It was given to me by the wonderful Rev. Dr. Ralph Watson, a mainstay of Montreal’s Protestant churches; I think he (perhaps like you) was tickled that I am such a big fan of the hymns of Charles and John Wesley. (Doubtless due to the Methodism in the Sedgwick family background – not to mention the fact of the sheer greatness and beauty of the hymns.) But the last time (only a couple of months ago) I reached for the CD to play it, it was nowhere to be found. And I realized I hadn’t actually seen it since we moved to this house in 2005… But it is somewhere! And I will find it! Because who better to listen to belting out the Wesleys’ hymns than Maddie Prior?

      • Crazy – the good ole internet didn’t let me know you had responded to this until today! Anyway, I hope you have found Maddy by now. Right now my copy is in the trusty hands of Jonathan Oldengarm…at least if I get to yearning for it too much, I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES! (downstairs from me).

    • Hey folks, it feels like ages since I did that post and I STILL haven’t been able to make it to your wonderful store, but I avidly follow your tweets and Facebook posts and we WILL get there sometime soon. And as it happens, just yesterday some friends here in Queensborough were telling us about this great store they’d just discovered up in the north end of Hastings County, called Revival Store… They knew (because they know us) that we’d love it… It’s a perfect match!

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