Perennials are awesome.


Happy Victoria Day long weekend, everybody! (Or at least those of you who are in Ontario, where this IS a long weekend, and where it is still – unlike, say, in Quebec – named for that longest-to-reign-over-us monarch.)

Of course the Victoria Day (or whatever you choose to call it) weekend is, by Central/Eastern Canada tradition, when one can safely put plants in the ground, because the risk of frost is supposedly past. So naturally I have plants on my mind for this long weekend at the Manse.

But here’s the wonderful thing: thanks to the folks at St. Andrew’s United Church here in Queensborough who cared for the garden at the Manse when it WAS the church Manse, and who brilliantly chose to plant perennials, our garden is – as Raymond and I discovered when we arrived this evening – looking smashing. And with absolutely no assistance having been given by us.

It’s been three weeks since we were last here, and back then the garden looked pretty dead. Now there are plants and flowers coming up all over it, and even some pretty mauve blooms.

And we did nothing to deserve this! Thank you, past Manse gardeners!

And thank you, perennials, for being – well, perennial.

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