The lilacs of Hastings County

One of the many beautiful displays of lilacs we saw this past long weekend, this one at the hamlet of Hazzard's Corners.

One of the many beautiful displays of lilacs that Raymond and I saw this past long weekend, this one along Cooper Road between Queensborough and Madoc, at Hazzard’s Corners.

This won’t be the first post I’ve done about how much I like lilacs – a previous one is here – but this past long weekend the lilacs in the central Hastings County area were, I think, at their absolute prime, and they were just so beautiful. Now, I fully realize that many other places also have lilacs; certainly you see them (and smell their beautiful scent) in residential districts right in the heart of Montreal. And from May 25 to June 2 this year the village of Warkworth in neighbouring Northumberland County – a very pretty place, full of interesting shops and lots of artistically minded people – will be holding whole festival about lilacs; details here.

But there are lilacs in profusion in the Queensbrough area. It’s like the long-ago settlers there took a special liking to lilacs. Or perhaps the lilacs took a special liking to the area; perhaps they do well despite the thin, rocky soil that characterizes the area. Raymond and I drove past so many places that had a gorgeous mix of light, dark and sometimes white blooms; sometimes their beauty just takes one’s breath away. The photo at the top of this post is of a lovely display at Hazzard’s Corners, but one could see them all over the place.

All of which reminds me once again that we must get a lilac bush for the Manse, to replace the one that flourished there when I was a kid and that is now, sadly, long gone.

Should we go for dark purple, light mauve, or white? Perhaps a mix of all three?

10 thoughts on “The lilacs of Hastings County

  1. Beautiful picture of lilacs.
    Let’s have another one or two.
    Drove east from Belleville yesterday and the lilacs help to identify where the old farm dwellings were.
    Nice to see spring arrive.

    • Totally agreed! I can’t post a photo here in the comments, but I’ll see if I can manage another post on the lilacs. One road we took this past weekend was Frankford Road between Stirling and Frankford – first time in my life I’d ever been on it. A beautiful drive – and the lilacs were splendid!

  2. We also drove around this weekend and couldn’t comment enough on the displays everywhere. There’s that one spot on Hwy 62 between Madoc and Belleville that can best be described as a lilac forest, they’re blooming in such profusion.

    • I don’t know if we’ve seen that one, Brenda – if it’s south of Hollowview Road (where we turned west off 62 to get to Stirling by way of the Amish farm where they sell the best doughnuts ever – then we missed it this weekend. And sadly it’ll be faded, I’m sure, by the time we’re next in the area. But next year! (I think maybe Hastings County needs a Lilac Trail…)

  3. I’ve always felt a bit guilty that building lots like ours have severely reduced the lilac population along our road, so I’m trying to do my bit by planting lots of new ones. Mainly the ordinary old “vulgaris”–I want good old highly scented lilacs, not fancy hybridized ones (lovely as they are to see during Lindsay’s own Lilac Festival).

    • Good for you on the lilac-planting front, Nancy! And thank you for the information; until your note I did not know a) that there was such a thing as hybrid low-scent lilacs; and b) that Lindsay had a Lilac Festival. But here it is!

  4. What a gorgeous photo. Lilacs are a great pleasure, especially after months of snow. I was in Quebec during lilac time, and I had never seen pink lilacs until then. Our Ontario lilacs were finishing up by the time theirs were opening up.

    • Lilacs truly are one of the best things in life. We have been promised a lilac bush to transplant from some over- lilacked Hastings County friends, and I am really looking forward to having a lilac bush again at the Manse, after all these years.

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