Thank you for your kind thoughts

This collar is what we have left of our much-loved cat Bayona. Well, the collar – and lots of photos and tons of very happy memories.

This collar is what we have left of our much-loved cat Bayona, who died suddenly on the weekend. Well, that’s not true – in addition to the collar, we have lots of photos and tons of very happy memories of our dear fat cat.

Thank you to so many of you who sent sympathies and kind words – here at Meanwhile, at the Manse, as well as by email and in person, and at Raymond’s post on Facebook – in response to the news that Bayona, one of our two Sedgwick-Brassard cats, had died suddenly this past Sunday. So many of you are also cat-lovers, or animal-lovers at least, and you know that when one loses a beloved pet, it’s just like losing a member of the family – because the pet is a member of the family. Bayona sure was a treasured member of our family, and our house feels so empty without her.

You know what I need? A trip to Queensborough and the Manse. That will cheer me up.

But meanwhile – thank you again. Your kind wishes have meant a great deal to Raymond and me. And hey, if any of you have been thinking about getting a cat – please visit your local SPCA or Humane Society (here is a link to the Quinte branch, and here are photos of all the cats there, who by the way are lovely) and adopt one. That’s how we got our dear Bayona. There would be no better way to honour her memory than to give a loving home to a cat in need of one. Just as she once was.

8 thoughts on “Thank you for your kind thoughts

  1. Just want to add our sympathy at this time of loss for you guys. We had a panic this spring and thought our big guy was outdoors somewhere. Gayle was almost beside herself! Aren’t humans weird? Anyway, we are thinking of you…GnG

    • Thank you so much, GnG. Having met your beautiful Maine coon cat, I can see why his (temporary) disappearance would cause major concern! When we visited you it was very obvious how loved that pussycat is. Cats who have loving homes are so fortunate. As Raymond used to say of Bayona – who clearly had had a tough existence before we adopted her – when she came to live with us, “She hit the jackpot!”

  2. Ewa and I over the years have been the property of much beloved cats. The pain when they pass can be emotionally extreme. Our last three (Brand-X, aka Brandy, Malutka (little one) and Emile rest with us in their tiny urns. One day when the moment is right we’ll spread their ashes. In the bookstore we’ll have a small section with books needing a home in exchange for a donation dropped into a large jar marked Brockville SPCA. Remember we open as of June 13 (closed Mon-Tues) but if we are about, stop for refreshments anytime. 613 297 9670. Our soft launch (friends and locals) is 6-8 Thursday the 13th. You can meet Paul’s 2 behemoth cats. Each have their own redemptive story.

    • That is a lovely idea for the bookstore, Gordon – I hope you get lots and lots of donations for the good work that the Brockville SPCA does. Meantime, we are firming up plans to come see your wonderful new emporium, and if all goes as planned may well be there for your soft launch – if that’s all right, of course!

  3. So sorry for your loss. When one of our two cats, Pouncer, 17, died last summer, our surviving cat, Kidd, now 18, was very lost and despondent for about a month and then began talking with us much, much, much more of the time and at times has become very demanding. He has also become much more loving. It has been quite the transition.
    Barbara King has written an interesting article about animals and Grieving.
    I was very very taken with the article.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words and the link to that extremely interesting (and touching) article. For readers who may be interested, here is a link to a lovely video bit about the friendship between Bella the elephant and Tarra the dog that the article mentions. Our other cat Sieste – whom we have had a few years longer than Bayona – seemed kind of normal for the first couple of days after Bayona’s death. Then last night in the middle of the night she started wailing; she seemed to want reassurance that we are here and she is not alone. And she was very noisy this morning (before we left for work) and this evening too. I think it has sunk in that her “sister” (of whom she would always have said while Bayona was alive, if she were able to speak, that she didn’t think much) is gone, and now she feels the loss of her constant companion. It is so sad to see. Animals are so full of love, even when perhaps they don’t mean to be.

  4. I meant to tell you, Katherine… after Mr Sox died, I made a stained glass stepping stone and embedded his tag in it, and it was just a lovely way to remember him. I’ll send you a pic.

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