Books for sale, and we missed it!


Raymond and I attended a wonderful book-related event in Brockville, Ont., this evening – one that gave us an idea or two about our own surfeit of books – but I will wait till I have a better internet situation (I am at the Manse) to write about that, because I want to include links. But speaking of books: Despite the fact that I know perfectly well that we have more than enough of them, I have to admit I felt a big pang of regret when I saw the photo above (by our friend Dave deLang) at, under the In the News section. Why? Because they were among the items for sale at the community yard sale held at the Queensborough Community Centre (the former one-room schoolhouse) last weekend AND WE WERE NOT ABLE TO BE THERE! Now that is disheartening. I hate to think of all the good stuff, and not just books, that we missed! Looking at Dave’s photos on the website makes me green with envy, though I was happy to see there was a lot of stuff for sale and a good turnout to buy it. Another excellent event at the community centre. Next year, you won’t be able to keep me away!

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