Our mushroom plantation


The first thing I noticed when Raymond and I arrived at the Manse in the fading late-evening light on Thursday was: the mushrooms. Always something new at the Manse!

These have sprung up front and centre on our front lawn. Not coincidentally, they are atop the place where the remains of the trunk of the wonderful old maple tree that once graced the yard (in my childhood) lie buried. (Longtime readers will recall that Raymond and I had the sad stump ground up and covered over.) I guess that the combination of the remains of that trunk rotting and all the rain that we’ve had have created perfect conditions for an outbreak of mushrooms.

Which, I will point out, have been shown who’s boss today, thanks to our neighbour John, who keeps our lawn in tip-top shape, having arrived with his riding mower.

Somehow, though, I think those mushrooms are going to be coming back for a while.

2 thoughts on “Our mushroom plantation

  1. rove past The Manse last night and we both remarked that it looked more homey than we have ever seen before! Truly, now it looks like a home. Didn’t have time to stop but we did give you the rural toot of the truck horn. (My Ranger is silver.)…GnG

    • I am disappointed that you weren’t able to stop in, GnG – you are most welcome any time! When I read your comment to Raymond he said, “I heard that toot!” – but by the time he got to the window your truck was out of sight. Thank you so much for the kind words about how the Manse is looking. We are pretty proud of the work we have done on the outside (planting trees and cleaning the yard up, etc.). Now if only we could make some progress on the inside… But there are just so many other fun things to do in Hastings County that distract one from renovation thoughts!

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