The Manse is ready for The Grandson

The Fisher-Price School and the Fisher-Price Garage, at the Manse. For a little kid, does it get any better?

A vintage Fisher-Price School and a vintage Fisher-Price Garage, both happily awaiting the arrival of real children to play with them at the Manse. For a little kid, does it get any better?

Here is something you may not know: Raymond is soon to be a grandfather! How exciting is that? His daughter Justine (proprietor of the deservedly famous Saveurs et Gourmandises food shop in lovely North Hatley, Que.) and her partner, Sean, will be the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy before another month has passed. And Raymond and Justine’s mum, Monique, will be the very proud grandparents. (And Monique’s partner, Don, and Raymond’s wife, me, will be the very proud co-grandparents or – whatever you call folks like us. Potential babysitters? [Maybe not a good idea, in my case at least. How does that diaper go on?])

Anyway, we are ready for Baby at the Manse! Thanks to Queensborough-area yard and auction sales, we now have not only a vintage Fisher-Price Garage (best toy ever, in my view, as I wrote here) but also a newly acquired Fisher-Price School! Complete with little people, desks, teacher (and teacher’s desk), swings and – whirligig! (Just like we used to have in long-ago days at Madoc Township Public School.)

If I’m not mistaken, the whole thing about why Fisher-Price toys were so enormously popular (and ubiquitous) back in the days of my long-ago childhood – and still today, I guess – is that they were/are utterly safe. I assume that means that the little Fisher-Price people are, while destined (like all things) to end up in kids’ mouths, too big to swallow. So the new grandson should be safe with the Fisher-Price garage and school, right?

(Can you tell I have a lot to learn about all this? Quelle aventure!)

12 thoughts on “The Manse is ready for The Grandson

  1. Congratulatiions Grandpere!! No joy can surprass that of the smiles grandchildren bring to our faces and our hearts. Oh and Grandma, don’t worry about those diapers, they are changed often enough that you’ll get the hang of it in a day or less.

    • Thank you from both of us for the kind wishes! We are both looking forward very much to the baby’s arrival. But you have a lot more confidence then I do in my ability to learn how to do diapers properly!

  2. Oh, do be careful with those FP “Little People”…..they are the reason for many a child choking….the newer ones are much larger! I have the same garage and, I have the barn and farm animals…..however, I put the vintage “Little People” away and purchased new sets of larger ones for use by the children.

    • That is very good to know, Lu – thank you! Perhaps that is why there were no “little people” (or cars) with the Fisher-Price Garage when we found it at a yard sale. And it also explains why the current versions of these wonderful toys look much bulkier (and less cute) than the ones we used to have. So I suppose I will have to get some big “Little People” for the time being; but when the little grandson gets past the choking age, he is going to have the real (vintage) thing!

  3. tu vas voir Raymond, tu entres dans un nouveau monde , le monde fantastique de l’enfance retrouvée ! bon séjour alors …!

  4. you made me laugh with your Pépère Brassard… reminds me of my paternal grand-father, Pépère Durocher – strange that people nowadays don’t want to be called that – it’s much more charming and warm than ‘grand-père’… and a pépère is much much more than a grand-père… just sayin’ ;o))) – I’m sure he’ll do wonderfully well and he has all the toys already so I’d say the game is already won! Congrats and good luck all around! ;o))

    • Thank you so much, Johanne! I agree that Pépère is a lovely term. The Brassards have always called their Pépés Pépé (the “re” doesn’t really get pronounced), and it’ll be cool to see Raymond in that role. Doubtless he will be the first-ever Pépé at the Queensborough Manse!

  5. I have both my grandbabies this weekend, 2 1/2 years & 10 months.. If you happen to be around I will just drop them off for an hour.. or any other time I have the boys and you are around. If all else fails on how to manage just call Anne she’s a pro grandma… Then you will be ready for your new grandbaby.. lol It is great that you are so close to the school playground for them to enjoy the swings. Congratulations to you both. I will tell you one thing about being a grandparent. You can have so much fun with them but they do have to go back to mommy and daddy eventually.. So you will get your sleeping and reading back soon enough. 🙂

    • Hi Sarah! No, having found all these vintage Fisher-Price treasures at local yard and auction sales, much to my delight, I’m afraid I couldn’t bear to part with them. Besides, Raymond’s grandson, Henry, has yet to try them out! My advice would be to keep your eyes peeled at the aforementioned yard/garage sales and auctions (if they have auctions in your area) as well as Kijiji and/or eBay and/or Good luck finding them, and I hope they make you smile, as they do me!

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