A bit of whimsy: the egghead monks

The Monks

A quick post tonight, folks: I can’t resist showing you a funny thing that Raymond and I recently picked up at The Curious Caretaker, a wonderful antique store (with a strong emphasis on mid-20th-century stuff) in Madoc, which is “town” for most people in Queensborough. It is a holder for boiled eggs, because apparently once upon a  time – oh, who am I trying to kid? In my own childhood – soft-boiled eggs were a staple of breakfast, and you’d need a bunch of them for a crowd, or a family. (And here, if you’re determined to re-create those days, is none other than Martha Stewart‘s soft-boiled-egg recipe.) But is this not the most hilarious boiled-egg holder of all? Note how the bald egg finishes off every monk‘s head. And how each monk has a different expression on his face. This odd thing was produced in Brazil (of all places), lord knows when, but I’m guessing the 1950s or so. It makes us laugh every time we look at it. We tried to pass it up but – we couldn’t. Another bit of whimsy for the Manse.

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