The Manse’s mushroom crop is flourishing.

I would say those mushrooms are thriving, wouldn't you? They adorn the front yard of our Manse. I think you probably should not eat them. (Photo courtesy of Sally Gale)

I would say those mushrooms are thriving, wouldn’t you? They adorn the front yard of our Manse. I think you probably should not eat them. (Photo courtesy of Sally Gale)

Thanks to Sally Gale of Queensborough for sending us this rather startling photo of the Manse mushrooms! It made me laugh out loud.

Raymond and I first discovered our inadvertent new crop on our last visit to the Manse, and I did a post about it here. It seems the rotting remains of the old maple-tree stump below the surface are encouraging the growth of fungi. And boy, are they ever growing! To the point when friends passing by on a walk to the playground at the Queensborough Community Centre are moved to take photos!

Do you suppose there’s a category in the produce competition at the Madoc Fair for front-yard mushrooms? Maybe we could win a first-place ribbon!

9 thoughts on “The Manse’s mushroom crop is flourishing.

  1. Hey there and hi there…. my Kleinsteuber ancestors settled in Elzevir and (apparently) founded the German Settlement. My 2nd great grandfather was Johann Heinrich Lorenz Kleinsteuber (John Henry K), he was located on the 9th Concession Lot 2, his brother Henry was on the 6th Concession part Lot 4, and apparently lived across the Skootamatta from each other but had a footbridge across.

    I know about where the family homestead was located, but haven’t been able to find and detailed concession and lot maps.

    Have you found any detailed maps for the Township?

    Thanks, Keith Millard

    • Hello, Keith! Your message is a good and challenging surprise. The Kleinsteuber name is totally familiar to me from my days growing up in Elzevir, and I feel like “the German Settlement” should be familiar to me, but I am going to have to do some research to put all of this together. Which I bet I can do with a bit of time in Jean Holmes’s history Times to Remember in Elzevir Township, but it’ll take me a couple of days to look into that. As for maps, notably historical ones, I have to say we do not have much on that front, but I can totally recommend the Tweed and Area Historical Society, where the director, Evan Morton, is a mine of information. I’m at the Manse tonight so have a very bare-bones connection to the Internet, but if you do a Google search you should find the Heritage Centre easily. And meanwhile I’ll look for what I can find that could be helpful among my Queensborough stuff. Great to hear from you – I don’t know where you are, but you must come and visit your Elzevir ancestral roots one of these times!

      • Hi back…. my grandfather was Mitchel Kleinsteuber, grandson of John Henry K. His family (Charles Eleazer K) moved out to West Lake in Prince Edward County around the end of World War I, but had summered out there from about 1909 on, working in the canning factories and picking tomatoes, etc. as farming was a poor business in the Actinolite/Kaladar area.

        In the 1861 Census, the “German Settlement” seems to have been only Henry (who immigrated in 1852), his wife and 2 kids, and his brother John Henry who arrived in 1859, all the other names on that page in the Census were Irish and English. By 1867, all of the siblings but one and their widowed mother were living there, it was truly a German Settlement then and with 20 names in the 1871 Census.

        My grandfather started the Maple Rest tourist resort at the corner of the Sandbanks and West Lake in the early 1930s, and that is where I grew up, our house was next door to his. By 1925 more than 50% of the West Lake School were Kleinsteubers or relatives of, as they all tried to find better farmland.

        We had a hunting camp on Buckshot Lake past Plevna, and my grandfather and I visited the old homestead site a couple of times when I was a child, but I don’t remember a lot of the details.

        I inherited the family homestead farm bell though, it may have also been used at the Kleinsteuber log Lutheran church (all described in Times to Remembers, etc.), I think Page 197 maybe. Legend has it that the church was later dismantled and became the Log Cabin restaurant on Hwy 7 near Actinolite.

        Anyway – the bell sits proudly outside the front entrance to our home here in Crown Isle in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island!

        BTW, I have a Millard cousin who works at City Hall in Belleville, I’ve also asked her if she can find and scan a concession and lot map from 1864 – 1865.

        Oh, and if you use FaceBook, visit my Group page My Last Name is Kleinsteuber! at – basically all the Kleinsteubers in the world originated in one tiny region of Thuringia in Germany, and include large families in the US, in Chile, etc. It was in Charles Kleinsteuber’s machine shop in Milwaukee that the typewriter was invented.

        And thanks so much for your reply, nice to hear from you – and enjoy that beautiful country where you grow your mushrooms! I hope to hear from you again.

        Keith Millard

      • Hi again, Keith! Wow, what an amazing store of knowledge you have about your family’s history. Since you already have a copy of Times to Remember in Elzevir Township, there’s probably nothing I could tell you that you don’t already know about the Elzevir part of that family history. I went back and consulted the section on the German Settlement in the book, and I had a hard time getting a sense of exactly where it was. Is there a road to it now, do you know? Raymond and I drove by where I THINK it was (or where the road to it would have been) on Highway 7 yesterday, but there’s no indication other than a closed gate at the end of what looks like a rough track a bit east of the French Settlement Road. Do you think that would be it?

  2. We think the homestead may have been on the Flinton Road where it crosses the Skootamatta before getting to Robinson Road…. but I recall us turning on to a tiny dirt road just east of Hwy 37 BEFORE the Flinton Road.

    I have several Millard cousins in Belleville, one is going to go the Land Register office and try and obtain a map from the 1880s, we know the concession and lot numbers for Henry and John Henry Lorenz.


    • Funny, Raymond and I were on Flinton Road and passed Robinson Road just this past Sunday, Keith – so we were right in the Kleinsteuber neighbourhood! If the road you remember was east of 37, it’s not the gated-off path that I spotted; that was a bit west of 37.

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