Weed, or not? People, I need your help


This healthy plant, and many like it, are growing in various parts of the flower garden at the front of the Manse. I believe I have mentioned many times before how I am a useless (or, to put it kindly, neophyte) gardener. Which means that I do not know whether this healthy plant is a weed to be pulled or something useful to keep.

Can anyone help me?

I am particularly interested because this one I photographed is encroaching on the space of the one phlox plant that we have, and I adore phlox. And do not want it to be threatened by anything.

So, gardening folks out there, please tell me: do I pull this, or not?

6 thoughts on “Weed, or not? People, I need your help

  1. Hi Katherine
    I am not certain about your plant in question but I don’t think it is a weed. It could be a bleeding heart or at Fuchsia hybrid. I would let it be for awhile and see what it becomes. Also the ladies of the church and Mr. Mansy (sp) always worked in the garden there. Asking them could be a big help. Good luck. mk 🙂

    • Thanks, MK! That’s a good idea to check with the people who planted and tended the garden. It doesn’t LOOK like a weed (though what do I know?) but there seems to be a lot of it, both in the garden and along the fence to the north side of the house – which makes me suspicious that it is something wild as opposed to something that was intended to be in the garden.

  2. Duh! I ain’t no gardener. A weed is simply a “plant out of place” to me. Happy Canada Day to you two. I will be cheering for the different flags that will be flying from the manse porch. Imagine, in Queensborough, of all things!! Vive la difference! (probably the wrong tense as I was dreadful in French) We have a great shot from the air, taken by Ross Moorcroft. The camion rouge is featured in the photo! Must send it to you. Happy 4th of July, Raymond!!

  3. I agree with Gayle. In a research seminar one of my students was asked, “what is a weed?” There was no universally accepted biologically definition of a weed. My student replied simply, “A plant you don’t want”. Of course we tend to think of them as fast growing, invasive and ugly.

    • I tend to err on the side of leaving the plants I’m not sure of in the garden, though after a while it can become pretty evident that they really don’t belong there. I assume (and hope) that as I am able to spend more time gardening at the Manse I’ll get a better handle on all of this. But yeah, I think weeds need to be cut a bit of slack.

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