Next gardening question


So this great big plant all by itself at the front of the Manse’s front garden has grown like a – well, like a weed, actually. But is it a weed? Do real gardeners passing by wonder about the idiot who has given pride of place in her garden to a stupid weed? But I hesitate to pull it in case it’s something nice. A sunflower, maybe? Help!

10 thoughts on “Next gardening question

  1. Me again…. I am still after a concession and lot map for the 1880s showing the owners of the properties, however, there are concession maps for Elzevir online at under the Municipality of Tweed – Elzevir.

    Henry K’s property was concession VI part Lot 4 off the Flinton Road on Clarke Road. My 2nd g grandfather John Henry Ks property was Concession IX Lot 2, just off the Upper Flinton Road.

    Sorry for all the emails….. and my cousin is still going to search for an 1880s map showing owners.

    I hope y’all have had a great Canada Day….. very unseasonably hot here, and I spent most of my day on the golf course.

    • I hope you had a great Canada Day (or Dominion Day, as I prefer to call it) too, Keith! Unseasonably hot on the west coast, and unseasonably cool in Ontario and Quebec – what is the world coming to?

      I have to confess that I’m not yet familiar enough with Elzevir to be able to think in terms of lot and concession numbers. But I’ll get there!

  2. A weed is in the eye of the beholder. But I can tell you it is not a sunflower :). I have a ‘weed’ in my newly established garden that the rabbits seem to love – they eat the leaves to the stem, but not the stem itself. The wascally wabbits also love sweet pea vines. But if they will stick to the un-named weed, I will let those weeds keep on growing and sacrificing themselves for the greater good. Have a whole hill of clover, hope the bunnies are enjoying it, rather than garden plants – so far, so good…

    • Now that is a good system – deke the wabbits out before they get to the good stuff! You clearly know a lot about gardening, VM, so let me ask you this: speaking of clover, I just pulled a ton of it out of the garden this past weekend. Was that the right thing to do? When I was a kid we always pulled it out of the vegetable garden as a weed, but isn’t clover supposed to be good for the soil or something?

      Meanwhile, thank you for crossing “sunflower” off the list of possibilities for the most prominent plant in our garden!

      • I don’t know a lot…clover is good for soil, i hear, generates nitrogen? And the poor suffering bees love it too…. I have it growing as a groundcover along a hilly part of the new lawn. I probably would take it out of the garden though…

      • Your advice is good enough for me! Out of the garden it goes, but consideration will be given to having a stand of clover elsewhere on the property. Thank you!

  3. It’s probably a weed…I’ll send my bunnies over and they will clean it up pronto [along with the rest of your vegetation]

  4. Yup, it’s a weed! I’ve let several like that grow until they bloomed because I was not sure what it was. No matter how long I garden, each year some questionable plant makes it to maturity because – well – let’s see what it becomes!!

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