Do you know what this bush is?


It grows alongside a fence in the back yard of the Manse, and the white blossoms have a lovely delicate scent. (Raymond and I were quite tickled to see those blossoms a few weeks ago, because the bush had looked thoroughly dead in the early and not-so-early spring.) But what is it? Can you help us identify it?

4 thoughts on “Do you know what this bush is?

  1. It is a Philadelphus… Mock orange has long been a garden favorite with it’s profusion of white, sweetly scented flowers in summer. Mock orange grows well in all but really wet soils, though light sandy or chalky ones should be enriched with organic matter. To build up shapely, free blooming shrubs, cut back flowered stems by two-thirds once the last blossom has faded. Pest and diseases: Generally trouble-free. You need to find a really good gardening book, maybe at your next yard sale??? 😉 Enjoy, they smell wonderful if your lucky enough to have it near a open window. Wish I had one! 😦 I’ll have to work on that. My mom always called it an orange blossom.

    • MK, you responded so quickly – you knew right away what that bush was, and I am so impressed! And grateful. You call yourself a “learning gardener,” but you are so very far ahead of me that I – well, I just realize that I’ve got a long way to go. But meanwhile, I am thoroughly tickled to have a lovely-smelling mock orange. Who knew?

  2. Hi Katherine,

    It is a mock orange – and it might a double mock orange as it has multiple flowers. I have several double mock oranges at my home. I moved them years ago away from my home because they often looked dead. I had the single variety too which I also moved. They smell wonderful and look beauitful when in bloom. Sadly my singles mock oranges did not survive and now I wonder if my last remaing double is still around. I lost many plants last year to the dry conditions. Enjoy the mock orange.

    • Thank you, Jo-Ann! Lord, I just hope that someday I will have some actual garden knowledge/learning stored in my head. But every bit of information that I pick up from kind people like you helps, so… there is hope!

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