Among the gardens: a visual tour of some Tweed-area oases

A painter in the garden of Kathy and David Rice on the Friends of the Tweed Library Garden Tour

To me, this photo sums up a lovely day at the Tweed Garden Tour: a beautiful natural setting (the home of Kathy and David Rice near Roslin, south of Tweed), gorgeous gardens – and a painter at work, as several painters were in the gardens on the tour. And a cool breeze was blowing through the trees on a very hot day. It was heavenly.

Raymond and I came away from the Tweed Garden Tour last weekend (I explained about the tour here and here) thoroughly dazzled by the beauty of what we’d seen. (Okay, we were also rather bug-bitten and hot – it was an extremely steamy day – but the gorgeousness of all that we’d seen far outweighed the bug bites etc.) Rather than bore you to death with my ramblings this evening, I’d like to show you photos and hope that they give you some idea of how lovely these gardens are. Click on any of the photos to see it much larger and scroll through the gallery. And meantime – and especially since this event was a fundraiser for the Tweed Public Library, a great cause – let us all hope that it becomes an annual event! (And also, to the gardeners: your determination, stamina [especially in the face of blackflies] and talent are just astounding. Well done, people; well done!) Okay, here goes:

And to end on a musical note, here’s a little video of the Pickled Chicken String Band performing in the extraordinary garden of Pauline Weber off Black River Road. Beautiful gardens, a gorgeous day, and great music: what more could one want?

8 thoughts on “Among the gardens: a visual tour of some Tweed-area oases

  1. You live in such a beautiful part of our beautiful country. All your posts make me eager to visit. The Manse and area are now on my bucket list!

  2. Thanks for the tour, Katherine. Not a bead of sweat nor a blackfly bite on me. And maybe just a bit more determination to see these gardens in person next year.

  3. We were honoured to share our garden spaces with you! Thanks for supporting the Tweed Library, and may you have fun creating your own magical spaces over the years at the Manse.

  4. What great insight to my new community! We purchased a mini , and do mean mini schoolhouse on Harmony road between 37 and SG. Been 3 years here , but was raised a PEC boy, and I’m loving all the rich culture that I keep stumbling over ! North of the 401 feels right !

    • Hi Richard – welcome to the neighbourhood! (Albeit three years late.) You’re so right that Hastings County north of the 401 – very much including north of 7, where I live – is full of rich culture: painters, gardeners, organic farmers, photographers, musicians, building restorers and a whole lot more. It is definitely the place to be right now!

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