A cartoon is worth a thousand words


Graham of Queensborough sent me this Dolighan cartoon today, suggesting it sums up the bug experience at the Manse for Raymond and me. (Dolighan does editorial cartoons for Canada’s Sun newspapers, which include the Community Press that covers the central-east Ontario area where Queensborough is.) As I’ve mentioned before, the bugs – all bugs: mosquitoes, blackflies, wasps, you name it – go straight for Raymond while largely ignoring me. (Doubtless it is because Raymond is easily the sweeter of the two of us.) So yes, Graham was totally onto something with the cartoon and our situation, though it would be even more accurate if, while Raymond was being swept away in a could of hungry insects, I were saying: “Bugs? What bugs?”

8 thoughts on “A cartoon is worth a thousand words

  1. They love me, too, Katherine, so I can sympathize with Raymond totally. But the ones I really hate, even though they don’t try to land on me or bite me, are the earwigs. They REALLY creep me out. Are they not just the most repulsive-looking things?

  2. We’re packing for a week at Charleston Lake Provincial Park this morning. Your post serves as an important reminder to pack those bug shirts!

    • Ah, Lindi, you are a braver woman than I. If I had to go ANYWHERE where bug shirts were a necessity, I’m afraid I would make other plans. (I would be a TERRIBLE naturalist.) That said, I hope you have a wonderful camping trip!

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