In which (believe it or not) I show some restraint.

It's an Easy-Bake Oven, people! From the early 1960s! And when I opened the box, I discovered it was – turquoise! And believe it or not – I still can't quite believe it myself – I actually restrained myself from buying it.

It’s an Easy-Bake Oven, people! From the early 1960s! And when I opened the box, I discovered it was – turquoise! And believe it or not – I still can’t quite believe it myself – I actually restrained myself from buying it.

You probably think, given all the gleeful posts I’ve done (like here and here and here and here and – oh, this is getting ridiculous) about finding and buying mid-century stuff for the Manse – stuff that reminds me of my mid-century childhood there – that I am a silly spendthift. There are many days (especially when the credit-card statement comes in) that I feel exactly the same way. But just to prove to you all (and to myself) that I can resist temptation, at least occasionally, I want to show you two wonderful things that would have been just perfect for the Manse that I did not buy this past weekend.

(Am I kicking myself for not buying them? Of course I am.)

So the first is the vintage Easy-Bake Oven that you can see at the top of this post. I found it on a high-up shelf while wandering happily through the Stratford Antique Warehouse in Stratford, Ont., this past weekend. I remember as a little girl growing up in the Manse in Queensborough watching the ads for the Easy-Bake Oven on our black-and-white TV and just wanting that thing more than anything. And I never did get one. But last weekend I could have. And it was the turquoise model to boot – it would have matched the Manse kitchen’s mid-century colour perfectly!

But you know, I opened the box and inspected the parts and thought: this is not going to be a useful or fun toy for any current or future kid. It probably doesn’t work, and it was a dumb (though wildly popular) idea in the first place, way back then in the early 1960s. (Unlike the classic Fisher-Price toys that I have found myself collecting in anticipation of a visit from Raymond’s new grandson, which were great then and are even greater now.)

Vintage Tinkertoys tin

Yet another thing I did not buy. And probably should have.

And so, people, I showed restraint. I did not buy that turquoise Easy-Bake Oven.

And once I got going on the restraint thing, I also managed not to purchase a vintage Tinkertoys set. Which was, in restrospect, a victory of common sense over The Right Thing To Do. Why on earth did I not buy that vintage cylindrical tin full of Tinkertoys, exactly like the one I remember opening and scattering the contents of on the kitchen floor as a very young child? I loved those wooden Tinkertoys.

You know what’s wrong with restraint?


Open Channel D, please. Get me the Stratford Antique Warehouse on the line, and have them send down the Tinkertoys. Oh, and while they’re at it? The turquoise Easy-Bake Oven.

6 thoughts on “In which (believe it or not) I show some restraint.

  1. As my Welsh friend says (and you know I’ve already told you this), ‘Oh, go on, then – have it if you want it.’

  2. Absolutely should have gotten the tinkertoys, we loved them as children. Oh, Jeannie, Lorraine and I never had an easy-bake oven either 😉

    • I totally should have gotten the Tinkertoys, Eloise – you are quite right. I think what held me back (aside from a wave of feeling like I needed to show I could resist temptation) was the fact that I might well find a set at a yard sale or auction in Hastings County that would set me back about one-50th of the price at an antique warehouse. Which, of course, I now intend to make my mission.

      • But you had already demonstrated restraint over the oven. And Raymond’s grandson would have loved the Tinkertoy.

      • Oh man, now I feel really terrible that I didn’t buy the Tinkertoys. I knew I should have! Fortunately Raymond and I will soon be on our annual Maine summer vacation, where we haunt the antiques and collectibles outlets. I am now desperately hoping that I find some Tinkertoys there, though perhaps south of the border it’s more likely to be Lincoln Logs.

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