Storm clouds over the Manse

storm clouds over the Manse

KInd of looks like a painting, doesn’t it? Cool photo by John Sedgwick.

There’s some crazy weather blowing through Ontario and Quebec this evening: thunder and lightning, high winds, tornado warnings, cancelled flights, downed trees, power outages – and dark, dark storm clouds all over the place. Including in Queensborough, where my brother John is staying at the Manse, and where he took this striking photo of those clouds over it just an hour or so ago. And wouldn’t you know it, just after he arrived, the power went out there too. But I gather that with candles on hand for light, a barbecue for cooking, and a rain barrel full of water for toilet-flushing and whatnot, he’s making out just fine. I am very envious, actually. There’s nothing like watching some impressive weather over Queensborough from the front porch of the Manse. I miss our Manse!

14 thoughts on “Storm clouds over the Manse

    • It is, isn’t it, Hayley? I’m quite tickled that John was there to see it and was clever enough to whip out his phone and get the photo. It almost looks Ansel Adams-ish. I think we may well get it framed!

  1. Ominous skies over Queensborough! We had it pretty wild here in Madoc, too, with lashing rain and winds that put me in mind of news reports on the telly about hurricanes in Florida. Not my favourite sort of weather.

      • It blipped out mementarily here, Katherine – just long enough to set all the digital clocks to flashing 12:00, grr – but otherwise we had no ill effects. I think my clematis will have tumbled over again in the second storm that blew through around 5 or 6 am, though, because the wind was fierce again, albeit for a much shorter time. Any bad weather chez vous?

      • We had some impressive dark clouds and some thunder and lightning – and the power blipped a couple of times here too; as you say, just enough to require the resetting the clocks on the stove and microwave etc. But I gather central Ontario got much harder hit. John told me this morning that, as impressive as the clouds over the Manse looked in the photo, they were way more impressive in real life. Wish I’d seen them!

  2. The wind certainly whistled and moaned over Belleville where I was attending a party with classical music and bagpipes. A group of Presbyterians survived the storm, much the same as United Church folk in the country. Continue to enjoy the news from the manse and its inhabitants.

    • A stormy night outside, and Presbyterian bagpipes on the inside! Sounds like a night in the highlands to me! You must tell us one of these times where these bagpipes gatherings in Belleville take place, Gerry and Bev – Raymond loves the bagpipes.

  3. I meant to write ‘momentarily,’ but perhaps my brain was thinking ‘memento’ … Too early in the day to be answering questions.

  4. Our only casualty here in Ormsby was a door on our brand new outhouse (never even used) that was ripped off. Not to be confused with our relatively new outhouse up at the Heritage Church, which was unharmed. This one is behind the house behind the Old Hastings Mercantile, a building that itself began life as St. Mary’s Anglican Church in 1898. It has long since been turned into a private home, but in a nod to its history we had put a stained glass window into the door of this outhouse that had matched, in miniature, the original church windows. When I found the door lying nearby there was no sign of the handcrafted window and I feared the worst. Then several feet away I saw it and on close inspection found it totally unharmed. Perhaps our nod to this former House of God had initiated a touch of Divine intervention. It brings a smile to our faces in any case.

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