Summertime on the Manse porch

summer on the Manse porch

Evidence that Raymond and Katherine were very recently here, watching Queensborough go by from our vantage point on the front porch of the Manse on a lazy summer afternoon: two Solair chairs, reading material, a good cigar (for Raymond), and two wine glasses. Let’s have a little more rosé and get Raymond and Katherine back in those chairs! (Photo by Raymond Brassard)

12 thoughts on “Summertime on the Manse porch

  1. Love seeing the Solair Chairs out on the front porch – so we know you are in town even if the car isn’t there!

    • Hey Gerry and Bev, those Solair chairs were such a find for us. Funky and so on but also – comfortable! So nifty to have retro-style things that are unquestionably suitable for the present. Meanwhile, yes! Jean Holmes’s Times to Remember in Elzevir Township is a precious document. Jean’s work singlehandedly saved so much that might otherwise have been lost.

      • I have to assume you have a copy of the book, then, Gerry and Bev. Have you noticed that the one thing it is missing that it really really needs is an index? I get so frustrated when I am looking for one specific bit of information and I never know what chapter to find it in. Queensborough? The Churches? The Modern Era? Maybe we need to bring out a second edition, complete with index!

  2. “…a good cigar (for Raymond)…”

    Really, Kathy? All along, I had the image of you as a tough-talking, cigar-chomping, no-nonsense editor at the MG, in the same mould as Perry White of the Daily Planet [of Superman fame], J. Jonah Jameson of the New York-based Daily Bugle [of Spideman fame], Joseph W. Randall in the classic film Five Star Final [], Preston Kennedy of The Paducah Sun-Democrat [], Harry “Romy” Romanoff, the night city editor of the Chicago American [], etc

    Now that this wholesome image has been shattered, I simply don’t “know” who you are anymore…so disillusioning

  3. I don’t have a copy of ‘The Book’ but would love to own a copy, I borrowed one which was a very well done photocopy of the original (but nevertheless still a photocopy!).
    If anyone finds one at a yard sale or anywhere else (I heard of one bought for $1 at a yard sale…!) then PLEASE buy it for me!!! I would be prepared to pay slightly more than $1!!!
    Thank you!!!

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