That is one shiny trailer hitch.

New trailer hitch on the red truck

I bet you wish you had a nice shiny new trailer hitch like Raymond (Red Truck Ray) now has on his red truck. Next step: acquiring the trailer to go with it.

Okay, so we haven’t got the trailer for Raymond’s red truck yet. We still have trailer envy (I wrote about that here), which will get much worse the next time we need to take a big load of stuff (bags of yard rakings, for instance) to the Tweed municipal dump at Stoco. That said, neighbours have been kind enough to offer to loan us their trailer if we need it, and since it seems like everyone in Queensborough – except us – has a trailer, we should be just fine for that dump trip.

But eventually we will get a trailer of our own, and then won’t we be sitting pretty? And meantime, at least Raymond has taken the first step, which was to acquire this nice shiny trailer hitch from our friend and neighbour Chuck. Because Chuck just happened to have a spare trailer hitch on hand. That’s the kind of thing people just have in Queensborough. Which I happen to think is delightful. Not to mention convenient for neighbours needing trailer hitches.



4 thoughts on “That is one shiny trailer hitch.

  1. “…it seems like everyone in Queensborough – except us – has a trailer…”

    Apparently that is the official local distinction between the haves and have-nots! And, relative social status is determined by the number & size of the trailers. Sort of a hick-version of keeping up with the Joneses.

    More seriously, make a note of the size of the trailer hitch ball. Most light-duty trailers require a 1-7/8″ ball while heavier duty trailers use a 2″ ball. For your usage, it would be best to go with the more common 1-7/8″ ball.

  2. When hooking up trailers, I have frequently bashed the license plate. Accordingly, I now install a clear plastic cover over the rear plate. So, if you want to keep that lovely unblemished license plate pristine, zip over to a local Canadian Tire store

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