Happy significant birthday to Raymond!

Raymond in morning suit

This is my husband all dressed up and looking ever so handsome! And no, he’s not dressed up for his significant birthday today; this photo was taken on a Sunday morning a few months ago when communion was to be served at the Church of St. Andrew and St. Paul in Montreal. Raymond, like all male elders of the church, is required to wear a morning coat, if you please, for serving communion. Formal? You bet.

Today is a landmark birthday for Raymond, my honey and my husband and the other half of the ownership of the Manse in Queensborough, Ont., that gives this blog its raison d’être. And so I want to say (and please join with me in saying it): Happy birthday, dear Raymond!

And I thought I might have some fun in marking the occasion by showing you Raymond in his different guises, from downtown big-city-newspaper editor to homebody to driver of the almost-famous red pickup truck that graces the driveway of the Manse (and that shows up on Google Street View photos of Queensborough, for all the world to see).

First, here is Raymond in slightly more casual mode than in the photo above, though still in the same room, our library in Montreal. With his cat Sieste:

Raymond and Sieste

And here he is looking casually handsome in one of his favourite places, North Hatley, Que. – on the terrasse of his daughter Justine’s excellent food shop, Saveurs et Gourmadises. Note how his shirt matches the geraniums:

Raymond at Saveurs et Gourmandises, North Hatley

Here’s Raymond in another of his favourite places, Stonington, Maine. This is the deck overlooking the ocean outside the American Eagle suite (where we always stay) at the wonderful Inn on the Harbor:

Raymond in Stonington

And now we get to more casual Raymond, doing his thing at the Manse and environs. First, Raymond hard at work on yard duty at the Manse:

Raymond on yard duty at the Manse

And Cowboy Raymond (wearing newly purchased hat) at the Madoc Fair, 2012:

Cowboy Raymond at the Madoc Fair

And finally, Red Truck Ray:

Red Truck Ray

And that is, to quote the name of the legendary Guy Clark‘s latest album, my favourite picture of you. Happy birthday again, my dear Raymond!

16 thoughts on “Happy significant birthday to Raymond!

  1. Happy, happy day, Raymond! I know it will be memorable (how could it be otherwise with Katherine in the picture?). Enjoy every minute.

  2. Happy birthday, Raymond! I must say you are one of the few men who can wear a cowboy hat successfully. That alone should be worth a trip to the west.

  3. Happy Birthday to Raymond from the Boyces (Gerry and Bev), one of whom celebrated his 80th birthday earlier this month.

    • Thank you (on behalf of Raymond), Jo-Ann! We didn’t know about the Tweed Rodeo this weekend – and we are so sorry we won’t be there. We also had to miss the recent Heritage Day at O’Hara Mill. But we will catch up on all this good stuff, believe you me!

  4. Happy Birthday Raymond. Here is a little ditty that I wrote on turning 70, so you can save it for the future.
    Thoughts On Turning Seventy
    Now that I reached three score and ten,
    I often think of way back when,
    The world was such a simpler place,
    And I was fit and smooth of face.

    My torso was a thing of grace,
    Not long in tooth or thick of waist.
    My eyes were sharp and oh, so keen,
    I was so clever, lithe and lean.

    The hills were not so very steep,
    And I could spend all night in sleep.
    When on the hunt I went each year,
    I ate and drank and chased the deer.

    Now we are in a wireless world,
    Email’s our only social whirl.
    Grandkids are our greatest treasure,
    Our favorite topic after weather.

    So, now at three score years and ten,
    I pause a bit and think of when,
    The good old days were on our side,
    So full of pep and youthful pride.

    Friends, revel in the life you had,
    We are still here, so just be glad.
    The thing that made those old days great,
    Was that we were one score and eight.

  5. Happy Birthday Raymond!
    Just remember, life really begins at 70, or 75. I forget. Never mind, it begins whenever your birthday is.
    All the best to you from Irina and I.

  6. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Loved the photo of your lap companion and your choice of colours. Two of my most favorite passions. All the best 🙂 mk&j

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