To buy or not to buy?


So I was in an antique barn today, which regular readers will know is one of my favourite places to be, and I spotted this midcentury marvel. Now that, people, is what I call a side table! Just the place to park your 1960s TV and movie magazines, non? (At the Manse, of course.) They’re asking 50 bucks for it. Raymond is HIGHLY dubious. (Oddly enough, he thinks it’s ugly.) I have a limited window of opportunity here. What is the wiser course – to snap it up, or not? Will I get yet another case of non-buyer’s remorse if I don’t? Will I wonder what particular stripe of lunacy hit me if I do? I need your help!

5 thoughts on “To buy or not to buy?

  1. Katherine, I understand the appeal completely. It is so retro, truly a one-of-a-kind piece. But I think you should not buy it for the manse. It has has a sort of Jetsons twilight zone art house vibe that would be better suited to a funky apartment. You’ll find something better if you keep looking. Just my opinion.

    • Oh, Elinor, you are the voice of absolute reason. And it’s so funny that you should evoke The Jetsons, because one of my two sisters-in-law who are here with me did too in saying it was not the right thing for the Manse. And Raymond pretty much hates it. But I just have the gut feeling that if I leave this side table aside I will regret it ever after…

      To be continued.

  2. I can’t advise you, Katherine, but I imagine that you’re soon going to need to add a wing to the Manse just to house all your retro objets d’art.

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